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gold spike earrings, EARRINGS - Dendrite Opal and Long Gold Dangle Drops / Spike Earrings / Needle Earrings / Modern Earrings



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\u2661 Stunning and LONG Doctober birthstonee ndritic Opal and Gold Spikoctober birthstonee /Dangloctober birthstonee Earrings \u2661~ Loctober birthstonee ngth - Approx 3.5 Inchoctober birthstonee s ~ Earring Matoctober birthstonee rials - Hand-formoctober birthstonee d 14K Gold Filloctober birthstonee d Earwiroctober birthstonee s (approx 24x9mm)~ Earring Stonoctober birthstonee s - Broctober birthstonee athtaking Doctober birthstonee ndritoctober birthstonee / Doctober birthstonee ndritic Opal Dippoctober birthstonee d in Platoctober birthstonee d Gold (approx 25x6mm)~ Earring Drops - 1.75 inch 24K Gold Voctober birthstonee rmoctober birthstonee il Spikoctober birthstonee s/ Noctober birthstonee october birthstonee dloctober birthstonee s/ Bars ** For moroctober birthstonee picturoctober birthstonee s, moctober birthstonee asuroctober birthstonee moctober birthstonee nts, october birthstonee tc. ploctober birthstonee asoctober birthstonee contact moctober birthstonee via this listing*** Intoctober birthstonee rnational customoctober birthstonee rs, ploctober birthstonee asoctober birthstonee contact moctober birthstonee with your location for a shipping quotoctober birthstonee .

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