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Vintage Nuvo 1960s 925 Silver Church/Chapel Charm With Vicarwedding charm, Bride and Groom Inside. Wedding Charm. Bridal Charm.



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Vintagwedding charme Nuvo 1960s 925 Silvwedding charme r Church/Chapwedding charme l Charm With Vicar, Bridwedding charme and Groom Insidwedding charme .Plwedding charme aswedding charme notwedding charme , thwedding charme 1p piwedding charme cwedding charme in thwedding charme last photograph is just to givwedding charme an indication of sizwedding charme and is not includwedding charme d in thwedding charme salwedding charme !Composition:Thwedding charme charm is madwedding charme of 925 stwedding charme rling silvwedding charme r. It opwedding charme ns up to rwedding charme vwedding charme al a bridwedding charme , groom and vicar.Sizwedding charme :Thwedding charme charm mwedding charme asurwedding charme s approximatwedding charme ly 1.9cm in hwedding charme ight, not including thwedding charme largwedding charme attachwedding charme d jump ring, and approximatwedding charme ly 1.4cm in width at thwedding charme widwedding charme st point.Condition:Thwedding charme charm is in good vintagwedding charme condition with somwedding charme small marks to thwedding charme mwedding charme tal and somwedding charme tarnishing and slight discolouration to thwedding charme mwedding charme tal on thwedding charme insidwedding charme . (I don't clwedding charme an silvwedding charme r or gold jwedding charme wwedding charme llwedding charme ry as somwedding charme pwedding charme oplwedding charme likwedding charme thwedding charme authwedding charme nticity of thwedding charme patina and tarnishing on old jwedding charme wwedding charme llwedding charme ry). Plwedding charme aswedding charme havwedding charme a good look at thwedding charme photograph.Plwedding charme aswedding charme havwedding charme a rwedding charme ad of shop policiwedding charme s bwedding charme forwedding charme making your purchaswedding charme .

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