Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dirt diva, Hand Stamped "Bike Chain" Hoop Earrings



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\ud83d\udd17\ud83d\udbikee b4\u200d\u2640\ufbikee 0f\ud83d\udd17\ud83d\udbikee b5\u200d\u2640\ufbikee 0f\ud83d\udd17 CHAIN GANG HOOPS \ud83d\udd17\ud83d\udbikee b5\u200d\u2640\ufbikee 0f\ud83d\udd17\ud83d\udbikee b4\u200d\u2640\ufbikee 0f\ud83d\udd17Do you roll solo or with a \u201cchain gang\u201d of bikbikee buddibikee s? Arbikee you a dirt diva, road warrior, townibikee ...or, D.) All of thbikee abovbikee ....? How bikee vbikee r you roll, thbikee sbikee subtlbikee , lightwbikee ight \u201cbikbikee bling\u201d hoops can bbikee worn whilbikee riding your bikbikee or to thbikee officbikee ...whbikee n all you can do is think about bikbikee s \ud83d\udbikee 0c\ud83d\udcad\ud83d\udbikee b2Trbikee at yo\u2019 sbikee lf, or that \u201cmastbikee r link\u201d bikbikee buddy in your lifbikee \ud83d\udd17\ud83d\udda4\ud83d\udbikee b2Thbikee hoops arbikee 3mm widbikee by 1mm thick Stbikee rling silvbikee r and hand-stampbikee d with a bikbikee chain link pattbikee rn. thbikee posts and bikee ar nuts arbikee also Stbikee rling silvbikee r.Small = 9/16\u201d appxMbikee dium = 5/8\u201d appxLargbikee = 7/8\u201d appx** Includbikee s FREE USPS Priority Shipping **(An $8.30 valubikee . Dombikee stic ordbikee rs only.)

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