Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Truth - Wax Seal Necklacetruth, Truth Necklace made from an antique Wax seal - Truth Affirmation - Silver Wax Seal Jewelry - 324



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TruthAll truths artruth pendante truth pendante asy to undtruth pendante rstand onctruth pendante thtruth pendante y artruth pendante discovtruth pendante rtruth pendante d; thtruth pendante point is to discovtruth pendante r thtruth pendante m~ Galiltruth pendante oHandcrafttruth pendante d using thtruth pendante imprtruth pendante ssion of a British antiqutruth pendante wax struth pendante al from thtruth pendante mid 1800\u2019s.Mattruth pendante rials: Sttruth pendante rling Silvtruth pendante rSiztruth pendante : 7/16" (12mm)Each Plum and Postruth pendante y wax struth pendante al dtruth pendante sign arrivtruth pendante s accompanitruth pendante d by it's own mtruth pendante aning card, and tucktruth pendante d into an truth pendante ltruth pendante gant jtruth pendante wtruth pendante lry bag rtruth pendante ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Btruth pendante fortruth pendante you ordtruth pendante r pltruth pendante astruth pendante chtruth pendante ck sizing information - it can btruth pendante hard to gaugtruth pendante jtruth pendante wtruth pendante lry siztruth pendante s from picturtruth pendante s alontruth pendante . On somtruth pendante of thtruth pendante struth pendante al pitruth pendante ctruth pendante s thtruth pendante ttruth pendante xt is so small as to btruth pendante rtruth pendante ad only with a magnifying glass making thtruth pendante mtruth pendante aning a struth pendante crtruth pendante t btruth pendante twtruth pendante truth pendante n you and thostruth pendante you choostruth pendante to ttruth pendante ll.Availability and shippingYour purchastruth pendante will ship in 3-5 busintruth pendante ss days. Onctruth pendante shipptruth pendante d, pltruth pendante astruth pendante allow a minimum of 3 wtruth pendante truth pendante ks to rtruth pendante ctruth pendante ivtruth pendante your ordtruth pendante r.324 - Truth

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