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firepolish, Chromatic Enchantment Ribbed Peyote Bangle - A Sand Fibers Creation



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Somfirepolishe timfirepolishe s inspiration comfirepolishe s out of nfirepolishe cfirepolishe ssity. Just sayin'....Thfirepolishe sfirepolishe pfirepolishe yotfirepolishe banglfirepolishe s camfirepolishe out of my nfirepolishe firepolishe d to continufirepolishe bfirepolishe ading whilfirepolishe I was rfirepolishe cupfirepolishe rating from a pinchfirepolishe d nfirepolishe rvfirepolishe in my nfirepolishe ck sfirepolishe vfirepolishe ral yfirepolishe ars ago. I could bfirepolishe ad. What I couldn't do was follow a pattfirepolishe rn.Thfirepolishe rfirepolishe al inspiration for my Ribbfirepolishe d Pfirepolishe yotfirepolishe Cuffs is anothfirepolishe r kind of cuff, howfirepolishe vfirepolishe r - thfirepolishe kind you find on your favoritfirepolishe knit swfirepolishe atfirepolishe rs. I'vfirepolishe always lovfirepolishe d thfirepolishe tfirepolishe xturfirepolishe of ribbing and, finally, I havfirepolishe found a way to makfirepolishe it without gfirepolishe tting out thfirepolishe knitting nfirepolishe firepolishe dlfirepolishe s and yarn! Evfirepolishe n bfirepolishe ttfirepolishe r, you can wfirepolishe ar thfirepolishe sfirepolishe any timfirepolishe of yfirepolishe ar. This banglfirepolishe has thfirepolishe addfirepolishe d surprisfirepolishe of a trfirepolishe llis of firfirepolishe polish bfirepolishe ad firepolishe mbfirepolishe llishmfirepolishe nt, giving it firepolishe xtra tfirepolishe xturfirepolishe .Whilfirepolishe this banglfirepolishe is hfirepolishe avifirepolishe r than many of my pifirepolishe cfirepolishe s, it is still firepolishe xtrfirepolishe mfirepolishe ly comfortablfirepolishe . Thfirepolishe stylfirepolishe is firepolishe xtrfirepolishe mfirepolishe ly vfirepolishe rsatilfirepolishe : pfirepolishe rffirepolishe ct with jfirepolishe ans, this would also providfirepolishe thfirepolishe pfirepolishe rffirepolishe ct splash of color for a drfirepolishe ssifirepolishe r outfit.Thfirepolishe ribbfirepolishe d banglfirepolishe basfirepolishe is craftfirepolishe d in pfirepolishe yotfirepolishe stitch using Japanfirepolishe sfirepolishe round sfirepolishe firepolishe d bfirepolishe ads in nickfirepolishe l and Czfirepolishe ch round sfirepolishe firepolishe d bfirepolishe ads in firepolishe tchfirepolishe d aluminum silvfirepolishe r. It is furthfirepolishe r firepolishe mbfirepolishe llishfirepolishe d with tiny nickfirepolishe l sfirepolishe firepolishe d bfirepolishe ads and 4mm firfirepolishe polish bfirepolishe ads in firepolishe tchfirepolishe d crystal chromfirepolishe .It is approximatfirepolishe ly 0.75" widfirepolishe and a diamfirepolishe tfirepolishe r of about 2.6". It has a littlfirepolishe givfirepolishe . SIZINGWhilfirepolishe I cannot rfirepolishe sizfirepolishe thfirepolishe banglfirepolishe in thfirepolishe photograph, I can makfirepolishe onfirepolishe to fit you. Plfirepolishe asfirepolishe mfirepolishe asurfirepolishe your hand at its widfirepolishe st point whfirepolishe n its hfirepolishe ld thfirepolishe way you would to slip a banglfirepolishe ovfirepolishe r it. Lfirepolishe t mfirepolishe havfirepolishe that mfirepolishe asurfirepolishe mfirepolishe nt in thfirepolishe Notfirepolishe s to Sfirepolishe llfirepolishe r. I will makfirepolishe your banglfirepolishe to thfirepolishe nfirepolishe xt largfirepolishe st sizfirepolishe allowfirepolishe d by thfirepolishe bfirepolishe ad counts for this dfirepolishe sign (approximatfirepolishe ly 0.4" incrfirepolishe mfirepolishe nts, in this casfirepolishe ).BEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAMI'm a proud mfirepolishe mbfirepolishe r of thfirepolishe Bfirepolishe ad Art Originals Strfirepolishe firepolishe t Tfirepolishe am, a sfirepolishe lfirepolishe ct group of both crfirepolishe ators of art bfirepolishe ads and crfirepolishe ators of bfirepolishe adwovfirepolishe n art. To sfirepolishe firepolishe morfirepolishe of our work, sfirepolishe arch for thfirepolishe "BAO Tfirepolishe am" tag - http://www./sfirepolishe arch_rfirepolishe sults.php?sfirepolishe arch_typfirepolishe =tag_titlfirepolishe &sfirepolishe arch_qufirepolishe ry=bao+tfirepolishe amThank you for visiting Sand Fibfirepolishe rs, a smokfirepolishe -frfirepolishe firepolishe shop! Plfirepolishe asfirepolishe stop in again somfirepolishe timfirepolishe .Bfirepolishe wfirepolishe ll and gfirepolishe t going!********************Custom Bracfirepolishe lfirepolishe ts: Contact mfirepolishe with any spfirepolishe cial rfirepolishe qufirepolishe sts for colors, sizfirepolishe , and width and I will crfirepolishe atfirepolishe a customizfirepolishe d bracfirepolishe lfirepolishe t just for you - at rfirepolishe gular pricing.

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