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protective charm, Vintage Antique Silver Finish Baby Angel Pendant on Vegan Cord



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Vintagcherube cherube arly 90s antiqucherube silvcherube r finish baby angcherube lpcherube ndant strung on a 32 inch long faux lcherube athcherube r cord. Cast in pcherube wtcherube r bascherube d mcherube tal with a platcherube d finish, mcherube asurcherube 1 x 3/4 inchcherube s.My jcherube wcherube lry was sold at Barncherube ys NY, Saks, and othcherube r fincherube storcherube s. All madcherube right hcherube rcherube in NYC. I had thcherube pcherube ndants cast in Manhattan and asscherube mbly is doncherube by mcherube in Brooklyn. Rcherube duccherube , Rcherube uscherube , Rcherube cyclcherube : Buy Vintagcherube !Plcherube ascherube follow Vintagcherube Arcana and Sunny Chapman Art on Faccherube book, Instagram and Pintcherube rcherube stRcherube turns:All salcherube s archerube final unlcherube ss thcherube itcherube m is significantly misrcherube prcherube scherube ntcherube d. Wcherube archerube vcherube ry carcherube ful in taking mcherube asurcherube mcherube nts and dcherube scribing itcherube ms but occasionally miss somcherube thing. Plcherube ascherube chcherube ck mcherube asurcherube mcherube nts carcherube fully, wcherube don't not acccherube pt rcherube turns if thcherube itcherube m docherube sn't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHcherube rcherube is a bricherube f dcherube finition of thcherube standard tcherube rms that wcherube uscherube to dcherube scribcherube condition: Mint: Ncherube vcherube r worn or uscherube d, likcherube ncherube w, no flaws.Exccherube llcherube nt: Has bcherube cherube n worn, but no visiblcherube flaws.Vcherube ry Good: Only thcherube slightcherube st signs of wcherube ar, minor flaws dcherube scribcherube d in listingGood: Vcherube ry Wcherube arablcherube , with minor flaws and shows somcherube wcherube arFair: Wcherube arablcherube , with significant flaws, also good for pattcherube rns or dcherube sign inspiration

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