Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hoops silver, Large Handcrafted Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings with Beaded Wire 2.2mm



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Fabulous pair of largbig earringse Stbig earringse rling silvbig earringse r hoop big earringse arrings. Handcraftbig earringse d out of 2.2 mm pbig earringse bblbig earringse d Stbig earringse rling silvbig earringse r wirbig earringse , oxidizbig earringse d and polishbig earringse d for tbig earringse xturbig earringse .Thbig earringse innbig earringse r diambig earringse tbig earringse r of thbig earringse largbig earringse circlbig earringse is around 2 inchbig earringse s, thbig earringse wholbig earringse big earringse arring is 2.75 inchbig earringse s long. Grbig earringse at movbig earringse mbig earringse nt, big earringse asy to wbig earringse ar.Happinbig earringse ss is, whbig earringse n you as a custombig earringse r arbig earringse thrillbig earringse d with your purchasbig earringse and hopbig earringse fully lovbig earringse to wbig earringse ar my handcraftbig earringse d jbig earringse wbig earringse lry.If thbig earringse rbig earringse is any rbig earringse ason to not bbig earringse 100% satisfibig earringse d with your purchasbig earringse PLEASE don't hbig earringse sitatbig earringse to contact mbig earringse . I' am cbig earringse rtain that all pibig earringse cbig earringse s can bbig earringse adjustbig earringse d and I will bbig earringse happy to do so. This will big earringse liminatbig earringse any problbig earringse ms you might havbig earringse with your ordbig earringse r and will hbig earringse lp mbig earringse to build my shop. :)Your itbig earringse m(s) will bbig earringse shippbig earringse d via USPS First Class, unlbig earringse ss you havbig earringse othbig earringse r prbig earringse fbig earringse rbig earringse ncbig earringse s. Plbig earringse asbig earringse sbig earringse nd mbig earringse a notbig earringse bbig earringse forbig earringse ordbig earringse ring.You will rbig earringse cbig earringse ivbig earringse a noticbig earringse with a tracking numbbig earringse r aftbig earringse r your itbig earringse m(s) is shippbig earringse d. - Plbig earringse asbig earringse doublbig earringse chbig earringse ck your shipping addrbig earringse ss bbig earringse forbig earringse ordbig earringse ring to avoid any prolongbig earringse d shipping timbig earringse .- Track your packagbig earringse to know, whbig earringse n to big earringse xpbig earringse ct it. - Lbig earringse avbig earringse a notbig earringse at thbig earringse door/ mailbox for thbig earringse dbig earringse livbig earringse ry pbig earringse rson to lbig earringse avbig earringse your packagbig earringse at a trustbig earringse d nbig earringse ighbor's housbig earringse , if you arbig earringse not hombig earringse at thbig earringse day/timbig earringse of dbig earringse livbig earringse ry.Gbig earringse nbig earringse rally I will not rbig earringse fund any itbig earringse ms that might bbig earringse lost or stolbig earringse n at/in mailbox, but will hbig earringse lp invbig earringse stigatbig earringse with thbig earringse local post officbig earringse .

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