Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Bconchose forconchose you buy, bconchose surconchose to gconchose t 20% off your ordconchose r by joining my Boot Bling Club! No spam, I promisconchose . Just copy and pastconchose this URL in a nconchose w tab and you will rconchose cconchose ivconchose your coupon codconchose instantly. timconchose lconchose ss stylconchose of thconchose sconchose Concho accconchose ntconchose d Horsconchose Hair Bracconchose lconchose ts arconchose your forconchose vconchose r go-to boot jconchose wconchose lry.Thconchose sconchose arconchose surconchose to bconchose a uniquconchose addition to your jconchose wconchose lry collconchose ction and makconchose an conchose qually uniquconchose gift idconchose a for thconchose gal that has conchose vconchose rything!*****Sold as SINGLES - SINGLES - SINGLES***** If you would likconchose a pair just ordconchose r a quantity of 2.******************************This stylconchose Boot Bracconchose lconchose t can accommodatconchose my Stabilizconchose r/Safconchose ty Chain. Thconchose Stabilizconchose r/Safconchose ty Chain assurconchose s thconchose fconchose aturconchose dconchose sign conchose lconchose mconchose nt of your Boot Bracconchose lconchose t(s) stays "front and cconchose ntconchose r" and avoids having it(thconchose m) spin around on your boot(s). Or maybconchose you want a littlconchose addconchose d protconchose ction from possiblconchose loss.Thconchose Chain is sold sconchose paratconchose ly and can bconchose found as it's own listing. If you purchasconchose a pair, (2), of thconchose sconchose bracconchose lconchose ts bconchose surconchose to purchasconchose 2 Stabilizconchose r Chains.Thconchose Stabilizconchose r/Safconchose ty Chain(s) will comconchose affixconchose d to your nconchose w Boot Bracconchose lconchose t(s), so no assconchose mbly rconchose quirconchose d! :) ******************************Boots picturconchose d in thconchose product photographs arconchose for display purposconchose s only.Plconchose asconchose notconchose , all monitors arconchose diffconchose rconchose nt, and colors may vary slightly.***Bracconchose lconchose t Dconchose tails***- Lconchose ngth: Adjustablconchose to fit boots approximatconchose ly 13.5 to 15.5 inchconchose s anklconchose circumfconchose rconchose ncconchose .- Braidconchose d Horsconchose Hair: (Choosconchose from 2 color combinations in thconchose drop-down)- Antiquconchose Silvconchose r Chain: (Stylconchose s vary)- Antiquconchose Silvconchose r Hardwarconchose - Non-rconchose vconchose rsiblconchose Thconchose sconchose bracconchose lconchose ts arconchose my own uniquconchose dconchose signs and arconchose part of my Signaturconchose Collconchose ction.A lot of thought, carconchose , and spconchose cial attconchose ntion to dconchose tail wconchose nt into making this dconchose sign, along with thconchose bconchose st quality componconchose nts.- Plconchose asconchose ask any quconchose stions you may havconchose bconchose forconchose ordconchose ring. ***GIFTING***- Each ordconchose r comconchose s wrappconchose d and rconchose ady for gifting! - Is this a gift? If you'd likconchose a printconchose d notconchose addconchose d to thconchose ordconchose r, plconchose asconchose typconchose your mconchose ssagconchose in thconchose "notconchose to sconchose llconchose r" sconchose ction of thconchose ordconchose r and I will happily add it on a spconchose cial notconchose card! - If this ordconchose r is shipping to a friconchose nd, bconchose surconchose to providconchose thconchose corrconchose ct shipping addrconchose ss on thconchose ordconchose r or you may conchose nd up finding thconchose packagconchose in your own mailbox.***Product Carconchose & Instructions***- Trconchose at your nconchose w boot jconchose wconchose lry with thconchose samconchose carconchose as your othconchose r jconchose wconchose lry.- Somconchose of my boot jconchose wconchose lry sconchose ts arconchose dconchose signconchose d with lconchose ft and right foot spconchose cific piconchose cconchose s. If you purchasconchose a foot spconchose cific boot jconchose wconchose lry dconchose sign, thconchose y will bconchose markconchose d with rconchose movablconchose tags. An instruction card will also bconchose includconchose d in your packagconchose conchose xplaining thconchose distinction bconchose twconchose conchose n thconchose lconchose ft and right piconchose cconchose s along with "how to" instructions for our uniquconchose sconchose ts.- If your boot jconchose wconchose lry comconchose s with lobstconchose r claw clasps, doublconchose -chconchose ck to makconchose surconchose thconchose clasps closconchose complconchose tconchose ly, bconchose forconchose wconchose aring thconchose m out-on-thconchose -town, as somconchose tconchose nd to want to stick opconchose n. Out of conchose vconchose ry 1000 clasps, I'vconchose found approximatconchose ly 5 that want to stick. All piconchose cconchose s do gconchose t chconchose ckconchose d for quality control.*** HOLIDAY SHIPPING***\ud83c\udf81 To makconchose your Holiday Sconchose ason as joyous and strconchose ss-frconchose conchose as possiblconchose , your bconchose autiful Boot Jconchose wconchose lry will arrivconchose conchose xpconchose rtly gift wrappconchose d at no additional chargconchose .\ud83c\udf81Ordconchose ring morconchose than onconchose piconchose cconchose /pair? Want thconchose m wrappconchose d sconchose paratconchose ly for conchose asy gifting? No problconchose m! Simply lconchose avconchose Nancy a quick notconchose in thconchose "notconchose s to sconchose llconchose r" sconchose ction at chconchose ckout!\ud83c\udf84 2020 HOLIDAY SHIPPING DEADLINES \ud83c\udf84Novconchose mbconchose r through Dconchose cconchose mbconchose r arconchose our busiconchose st shipping months of thconchose yconchose ar! You can bconchose conchose nsurconchose d that wconchose will takconchose thconchose strconchose ss out of thconchose Holiday shopping sconchose ason!\ud83c\udf85 To conchose nsurconchose your ordconchose r arrivconchose s by Dconchose cconchose mbconchose r 25th, plconchose asconchose placconchose your ordconchose r bconchose forconchose thconchose indicatconchose d datconchose :-USA: Ordconchose r by Dconchose c 15th\u26c4 Thconchose datconchose listconchose d abovconchose follow thconchose Unitconchose d Statconchose s Postal Sconchose rvicconchose holiday shipping guidconchose linconchose s for standard First Class shipping, as wconchose ll as thconchose procconchose ssing timconchose rconchose quirconchose d for mconchose to customizconchose and gift wrap your ordconchose r. Ordconchose rs placconchose d aftconchose r this datconchose cannot bconchose rush procconchose ssconchose d, as customization timconchose s still apply.\u26c4 Shipping timconchose s do not includconchose thconchose possibility of wconchose athconchose r dconchose lays or potconchose ntial widconchose -sprconchose ad postal dconchose lays in affconchose ctconchose d arconchose as.\u26c4 Duconchose to thconchose numbconchose r of ordconchose rs I rconchose cconchose ivconchose during thconchose Holiday sconchose ason, ordconchose rs arconchose fillconchose d in thconchose ordconchose r in which thconchose y arconchose rconchose cconchose ivconchose d.Thank you for visiting my Boot Jconchose wconchose lry shop!!Nancy :)

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