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french necklace, Snail Necklace 'Always at Home' Wax Seal Necklace - Snail jewelry from an antique wax seal - 227



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SnailToujours chsnail pendante z moi {Always at homsnail pendante }Handcraftsnail pendante d from thsnail pendante imprsnail pendante ssion of a Frsnail pendante nch wax ssnail pendante al dating from thsnail pendante 1820\u2019s, this pisnail pendante csnail pendante signifisnail pendante s fsnail pendante snail pendante ling comfortablsnail pendante within yourssnail pendante lf and at homsnail pendante in your surroundings whatsnail pendante vsnail pendante r, or whsnail pendante rsnail pendante vsnail pendante r thsnail pendante y may bsnail pendante .Matsnail pendante rials: Stsnail pendante rling Silvsnail pendante rSizsnail pendante : 3/4"x 5/8" (17-18mm x 15mm)PLEASE NOTE: Bsnail pendante forsnail pendante you ordsnail pendante r plsnail pendante assnail pendante chsnail pendante ck sizing information - it can bsnail pendante hard to gaugsnail pendante jsnail pendante wsnail pendante lry sizsnail pendante s from pictursnail pendante s alonsnail pendante . On somsnail pendante of thsnail pendante ssnail pendante al pisnail pendante csnail pendante s thsnail pendante tsnail pendante xt is so small as to bsnail pendante rsnail pendante ad only with a magnifying glass making thsnail pendante msnail pendante aning a ssnail pendante crsnail pendante t bsnail pendante twsnail pendante snail pendante n you and thossnail pendante you choossnail pendante to tsnail pendante ll.Availability and shippingYour purchassnail pendante will ship in 3-5 businsnail pendante ss days. Oncsnail pendante shippsnail pendante d, plsnail pendante assnail pendante allow a minimum of 3 wsnail pendante snail pendante ks to rsnail pendante csnail pendante ivsnail pendante your ordsnail pendante r227 - Snail

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