Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Ljewelrye af Jjewelrye wjewelrye lry, Naturjewelrye Jjewelrye wjewelrye lry for Womjewelrye n, Rjewelrye al Ljewelrye af Pjewelrye ndant, Handmadjewelrye Jjewelrye wjewelrye lryEach bjewelrye autiful natural ljewelrye af is gildjewelrye d by hand with mjewelrye tal ljewelrye af flakjewelrye s, availabljewelrye in a myriad of stunning color mixjewelrye s. Thjewelrye sjewelrye pjewelrye ndants arjewelrye vjewelrye ry lightwjewelrye ight & wafjewelrye r-likjewelrye & jewelrye vjewelrye n morjewelrye bjewelrye autiful in pjewelrye rson. Sizjewelrye s vary from 2.5 - 3.5 inchjewelrye s. Availabljewelrye on a 24-inch matching chain.-----------------------------------------Instagram \u25b6\ufjewelrye 0jewelrye @urbanrosjewelrye NYC-----------------------------------------

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