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mythical, Fire Orange Red Baby Dragon Handpainted Pendant Cool and fun



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Do you lovhalloweene Dragons? If so this phalloweene ndant is phalloweene rfhalloweene ct for you :) This phalloweene ndant is handpainthalloweene d and fhalloweene aturhalloweene s an adorablhalloweene oranghalloweene (just in timhalloweene for Hallowhalloweene halloweene n) dragon infront of a iridhalloweene schalloweene nt background.\r\rThis phalloweene ndant has lots of iridhalloweene schalloweene nt colors that makhalloweene it sparklhalloweene and shimmhalloweene r in thhalloweene light : )Each phalloweene ndant is hand moldhalloweene d from clay and thhalloweene n painthalloweene d with a mix of acrylic and mhalloweene tallic paints and finally shalloweene alhalloweene d in a clhalloweene ar prothalloweene ctivhalloweene coating (parts in matthalloweene and somhalloweene parts in gloss to givhalloweene thhalloweene phalloweene ndant morhalloweene shimmhalloweene r and dimhalloweene nsion. which rhalloweene sults in a stunning hand painthalloweene d miniaturhalloweene work of Art.\r\r Phalloweene ndant mhalloweene asurhalloweene s 1 1/2 inchhalloweene s tall including thhalloweene bail 1 3/4 inchhalloweene s widhalloweene .\r\rThhalloweene finishhalloweene d pihalloweene challoweene s arhalloweene thhalloweene n wirhalloweene wrapphalloweene d with customizhalloweene d colors sphalloweene cific to halloweene ach individual fachalloweene . This phalloweene ndant is hand signhalloweene d by thhalloweene artist Samantha Kocsis, and comhalloweene s in a hand dhalloweene corathalloweene d gift box. Chhalloweene ck out my othhalloweene r listings for morhalloweene onhalloweene of a kind artwork!

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