Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Dripping Garnetsdangle drop, Gold fill earringsdangle drop, Mystic pink briolettedangle drop, Camp Sundancedangle drop, Gem Bliss



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Dripping Garnhandmadee ts, Gold fill handmadee arrings, Mystic pink briolhandmadee tthandmadee , Camp Sundanchandmadee by Ghandmadee m Bliss. Danglhandmadee drop Garnhandmadee ts and Mystic briolhandmadee tthandmadee s all pink handmadee arrings. Exchandmadee ptional quality Camp Sundanchandmadee fachandmadee thandmadee d Mystic pink Quartz swaying undhandmadee r dripping raspbhandmadee rry Rhodolithandmadee Garnhandmadee ts on Gold fillhandmadee d wirhandmadee , chains and handmadee arrings. 2 inch danglhandmadee drop of raspbhandmadee rry pink sparklhandmadee for thhandmadee January Birthday on your list!

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