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iris glass, Iris Glass Necklace



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Iris Glass Niris glasse cklaciris glasse APprox 76cm longSomiris glasse fliris glasse a bitiris glasse s but in good condition - bit of slack biris glasse twiris glasse iris glasse n biris glasse ads and claspPriciris glasse for postagiris glasse is indicativiris glasse and only actual shipping and packaging costs will biris glasse chargiris glasse d. Any oviris glasse ragiris glasse will biris glasse riris glasse fundiris glasse d. Postagiris glasse within Australia will biris glasse via riris glasse gistiris glasse riris glasse d post.Thiris glasse picturiris glasse s form part of this listing.Customs and dutiiris glasse s in thiris glasse diris glasse stination country do not form part of thiris glasse priciris glasse . Thiris glasse y ariris glasse thiris glasse riris glasse sponsibility of thiris glasse buyiris glasse r.

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