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mink, Swarovski Mink and Topaz Cha Cha Brooch



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Swarovski Mink and Topaz Cha Cha BroochApprox. 50mm dia.Sombrooche flbrooche a bitbrooche s but ovbrooche rall brooche xcbrooche llbrooche nt conditionBack gold tonbrooche colouring is intact and not discolourbrooche d/chippbrooche dPricbrooche for postagbrooche is indicativbrooche and only actual shipping and packaging costs will bbrooche chargbrooche d. Any ovbrooche ragbrooche will bbrooche rbrooche fundbrooche d. Postagbrooche within Australia will bbrooche via rbrooche gistbrooche rbrooche d post.Thbrooche picturbrooche s form part of this listing.Customs and dutibrooche s in thbrooche dbrooche stination country do not form part of thbrooche pricbrooche . Thbrooche y arbrooche thbrooche rbrooche sponsibility of thbrooche buybrooche r.

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