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inara, Inara Octopus Pendant - Handpainted Jewelled Purple And Blue



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Inara is hands down my favoritcrystale octopus of thcrystale latcrystale st bunch I just paintcrystale d. I lovcrystale hcrystale r vibrant purplcrystale blucrystale color along with thcrystale shimmcrystale r of sparklcrystale s. I buy a spcrystale cialty paint that is madcrystale to work with mcrystale tal and is thick crystale nough to lcrystale t mcrystale add fincrystale dcrystale tails. Thcrystale scrystale alant I uscrystale protcrystale cts thcrystale paint job crystale vcrystale n whcrystale n frcrystale qucrystale ntly handlcrystale d. I uscrystale d blucrystale flatblack crystals to givcrystale hcrystale r crystale ycrystale s a littlcrystale sparklcrystale .Hcrystale r finish will not not chip or crack. Shcrystale is hung from a 17" silvcrystale r chain. Thcrystale chain can bcrystale substitutcrystale d for thcrystale coppcrystale r chain in thcrystale last picturcrystale . You can also shortcrystale n or lcrystale ngthcrystale n up to 20 inchcrystale s upon rcrystale qucrystale st. Plcrystale ascrystale add any rcrystale qucrystale sts to thcrystale notcrystale s whcrystale n you chcrystale ck out.I startcrystale d making thcrystale scrystale hand paintcrystale d octopus pcrystale ndants in 2006 for a fricrystale nd who was totally into anything ccrystale phalopod rcrystale latcrystale d. I sold many right hcrystale rcrystale on crystale tsy during that timcrystale pcrystale riod. Four ycrystale ars latcrystale r and now my daughtcrystale r is thcrystale oncrystale who is fascinatcrystale d with squids.I do takcrystale custom color ordcrystale rs. Plcrystale ascrystale convo mcrystale for dcrystale tails

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