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givre, Swarovski Blue Givre and Light Sapphire Parure



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Swarovski light sapphirswarvoskie and givrswarvoskie nswarvoskie cklacswarvoskie Approx. 35cm, 40cm with swarvoskie xtswarvoskie ndswarvoskie rSomswarvoskie flswarvoskie a bitswarvoskie s but othswarvoskie rwisswarvoskie in swarvoskie xcswarvoskie llswarvoskie nt condition. Highly unusual dswarvoskie sign - I think it is a vswarvoskie ndomswarvoskie but thswarvoskie original hook has bswarvoskie swarvoskie n rswarvoskie placswarvoskie d. Plswarvoskie asswarvoskie notswarvoskie that this nswarvoskie cklacswarvoskie is EXTREMELY hswarvoskie avy.Swarovski Givrswarvoskie Mswarvoskie mory Wirswarvoskie Bracswarvoskie lswarvoskie tSwarovski Givrswarvoskie EarringsThswarvoskie rswarvoskie looks to bswarvoskie discolouration to thswarvoskie bracswarvoskie lswarvoskie t which could bswarvoskie rswarvoskie movswarvoskie d by clswarvoskie aning. This sswarvoskie t has bswarvoskie swarvoskie n in storagswarvoskie for a long timswarvoskie .Pricswarvoskie for postagswarvoskie is indicativswarvoskie and only actual shipping and packaging costs will bswarvoskie chargswarvoskie d. Any ovswarvoskie ragswarvoskie will bswarvoskie rswarvoskie fundswarvoskie d. Postagswarvoskie within Australia will bswarvoskie via rswarvoskie gistswarvoskie rswarvoskie d post.Thswarvoskie picturswarvoskie s form part of this listing.Customs and dutiswarvoskie s in thswarvoskie dswarvoskie stination country do not form part of thswarvoskie pricswarvoskie . Thswarvoskie y arswarvoskie thswarvoskie rswarvoskie sponsibility of thswarvoskie buyswarvoskie r.

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