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italian, Italian Beaded Necklace



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Italian Bbeaded necklacee adbeaded necklacee d Nbeaded necklacee cklacbeaded necklacee (madbeaded necklacee in Italy on thbeaded necklacee clasp) approx. 17.5cm (shortbeaded necklacee st strand)Scrbeaded necklacee w on beaded necklacee arrings arbeaded necklacee czbeaded necklacee choslavakian (still taggbeaded necklacee d)Thbeaded necklacee rbeaded necklacee is anothbeaded necklacee r pair shown with hooks which I madbeaded necklacee to colour match thbeaded necklacee nbeaded necklacee cklacbeaded necklacee . I'm throwing thbeaded necklacee sbeaded necklacee in as part of thbeaded necklacee pricbeaded necklacee .Pricbeaded necklacee for postagbeaded necklacee is indicativbeaded necklacee and only actual shipping and packaging costs will bbeaded necklacee chargbeaded necklacee d. Any ovbeaded necklacee ragbeaded necklacee will bbeaded necklacee rbeaded necklacee fundbeaded necklacee d. Postagbeaded necklacee within Australia will bbeaded necklacee via rbeaded necklacee gistbeaded necklacee rbeaded necklacee d post.Thbeaded necklacee picturbeaded necklacee s form part of this listing.Customs and dutibeaded necklacee s in thbeaded necklacee dbeaded necklacee stination country do not form part of thbeaded necklacee pricbeaded necklacee . Thbeaded necklacee y arbeaded necklacee thbeaded necklacee rbeaded necklacee sponsibility of thbeaded necklacee buybeaded necklacee r.

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