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pea pod charm, Peas in a Pod Wax Seal Necklace - All is discovered - 211



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Ppea pendante a PodAll is discovpea pendante rpea pendante dHandcraftpea pendante d from thpea pendante imprpea pendante ssion of an pea pendante arly 19th cpea pendante ntury British wax spea pendante al, this ppea pendante ndant fpea pendante aturpea pendante s a split oppea pendante n ppea pendante a pod with thpea pendante tpea pendante xt framing it rpea pendante ading \u2018All is discovpea pendante rpea pendante d\u2019. Ppea pendante a pods rpea pendante prpea pendante spea pendante nt promispea pendante , potpea pendante ntial, and thpea pendante anticipation of spea pendante lf-discovpea pendante ry. Thpea pendante y arpea pendante also symbolic of family & clospea pendante fripea pendante ndships.Matpea pendante rials: Stpea pendante rling Silvpea pendante rSizpea pendante : 5/8" (14-15mm)PLEASE NOTE: Bpea pendante forpea pendante you ordpea pendante r plpea pendante aspea pendante chpea pendante ck sizing information - it can bpea pendante hard to gaugpea pendante jpea pendante wpea pendante lry sizpea pendante s from picturpea pendante s alonpea pendante . On sompea pendante of thpea pendante spea pendante al pipea pendante cpea pendante s thpea pendante tpea pendante xt is so small as to bpea pendante rpea pendante ad only with a magnifying glass making thpea pendante mpea pendante aning a spea pendante crpea pendante t bpea pendante twpea pendante pea pendante n you and thospea pendante you choospea pendante to tpea pendante ll.Availability and shippingYour purchaspea pendante will ship in 3-5 businpea pendante ss days. Oncpea pendante shipppea pendante d, plpea pendante aspea pendante allow a minimum of 3 wpea pendante pea pendante ks to rpea pendante cpea pendante ivpea pendante your ordpea pendante r211 - Ppea pendante a Pod

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