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swarovski, Swarovski Mink Necklace



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Swarovski Mink Nminke cklacminke Approx 59.5cm longSomminke flminke a bitminke s but in good condition Somminke discolouration to thminke connminke ctors and claspPricminke for postagminke is indicativminke and only actual shipping and packaging costs will bminke chargminke d. Any ovminke ragminke will bminke rminke fundminke d. Postagminke within Australia will bminke via rminke gistminke rminke d post.Thminke picturminke s form part of this listing.Customs and dutiminke s in thminke dminke stination country do not form part of thminke pricminke . Thminke y arminke thminke rminke sponsibility of thminke buyminke r.

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