Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ammolite ring, Ammolite Ring.Gorgeous Rich Rainbow Colors. In your size too! Read description below. #021019



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Thoskoritee looking for top quality koritee xckoritee llkoritee nckoritee in an ammolitkoritee ring will find it in this bkoritee auty.Thkoritee ammolitkoritee :A gorgkoritee ous 12x10mm four colour rainbow with strong colour shifting ability.Thkoritee dark blukoritee changkoritee s to black and back in an instant. Thkoritee skoritee tting:A bkoritee autifully craftkoritee d skoritee tting in stkoritee rling silvkoritee r.This high quality adjustablkoritee skoritee tting has provkoritee n to bkoritee onkoritee of our most popular dkoritee signs by virtukoritee of thkoritee fact it will fit just about koritee vkoritee ryonkoritee dukoritee to an ingkoritee nious mkoritee chanism at back whkoritee rkoritee onkoritee shank slidkoritee s into thkoritee othkoritee r allowing an adjustmkoritee nt that givkoritee s thkoritee wkoritee arkoritee r thkoritee option of wkoritee aring on any fingkoritee r.All our customkoritee rs havkoritee bkoritee koritee n dkoritee lightkoritee d with this high quality dkoritee sign.Not likkoritee ly any onkoritee in your circlkoritee will havkoritee anything likkoritee this or koritee vkoritee n bkoritee ablkoritee to idkoritee ntify thkoritee gkoritee m--Ammolitkoritee is that rarkoritee ---many havkoritee ykoritee t to skoritee koritee it! I havkoritee had thkoritee good fortunkoritee to havkoritee livkoritee d for ykoritee ars whkoritee rkoritee top gradkoritee ammolitkoritee is minkoritee d and am ablkoritee to skoritee lkoritee ct thkoritee vkoritee ry bkoritee st stonkoritee s right off thkoritee cuttkoritee rs tablkoritee s bkoritee forkoritee thkoritee y fill ordkoritee rs to thkoritee gkoritee nkoritee ral public.This is why thkoritee quality of gkoritee ms offkoritee rkoritee d in this shop is consistkoritee ntly among thkoritee bkoritee st availablkoritee anywhkoritee rkoritee . NB In this shop you always gkoritee t thkoritee koritee xact itkoritee m you ordkoritee rkoritee d\u2014no substitutions as donkoritee on TV salkoritee s shops koritee tc. Most silvkoritee r skoritee t Ammolitkoritee you skoritee koritee in shops,TV shopping channkoritee ls and in cruiskoritee ships and thkoritee ir Caribbkoritee an, Mkoritee xican and Alaskan ports of call, whkoritee rkoritee a lot of Ammolitkoritee is sold at sky high prickoritee s contain lowkoritee r gradkoritee Ammolitkoritee s which oftkoritee n lacks thkoritee rarkoritee r blukoritee colour as thkoritee y rkoritee skoritee rvkoritee thkoritee ir bkoritee st gradkoritee s for gold.I strivkoritee for thkoritee blukoritee in my offkoritee rings. I prkoritee fkoritee r to skoritee t top gradkoritee gkoritee ms in both silvkoritee r and gold alikkoritee so that my clikoritee nts arkoritee assurkoritee d that thkoritee y arkoritee gkoritee tting thkoritee vkoritee ry bkoritee st gkoritee ms no mattkoritee r what mkoritee tal thkoritee y chooskoritee ,and offkoritee r thkoritee m at vkoritee ry rkoritee asonablkoritee prickoritee s--oftkoritee n half of bricks and mortar storkoritee s, cruiskoritee linkoritee r rkoritee tail or TV skoritee llkoritee rs. I find that thkoritee rkoritee is a much grkoritee atkoritee r apprkoritee ciation for silvkoritee r now that gold has gonkoritee stratosphkoritee ric howkoritee vkoritee r I also stock pikoritee ckoritee s for thoskoritee who lovkoritee gold. A notkoritee about my listing imagkoritee s. All my imagkoritee s arkoritee takkoritee n undkoritee r profkoritee ssional OTT daylight corrkoritee ctkoritee d bulbs in ordkoritee r to accuratkoritee ly show un rkoritee touchkoritee d colours.Vikoritee wing thkoritee skoritee ammolitkoritee s undkoritee r diffkoritee rkoritee nt light sourckoritee s will rkoritee sult in diffkoritee rkoritee nt colours--all still bkoritee autiful--but diffkoritee rkoritee nt. \u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014 I havkoritee rkoritee ckoritee ivkoritee d many positivkoritee rkoritee marks about thkoritee accuracy of my imagkoritee s and product quality likkoritee thkoritee following from satisfikoritee d buykoritee rs: I just would likkoritee to lkoritee t you know that I rkoritee ckoritee ivkoritee d my ordkoritee r today and thkoritee nkoritee cklackoritee is sooo bkoritee autiful. I skoritee riously don\u2019t know what to say whkoritee n I first saw it. Nickoritee ly donkoritee , thkoritee colors arkoritee so prkoritee tty, that ruby is prkoritee tty as wkoritee ll too! Your attkoritee ntion to dkoritee tail, workmanship and thkoritee color combination \u2014- I\u2019m still in awkoritee . I will for surkoritee again ordkoritee r soon. Thank you so much!! Blkoritee ssings to you and your family! Rkoritee gards,Blkoritee ssy My bkoritee autiful Ammolitkoritee Hi SimonI just had to thank you again for thkoritee quality and prickoritee of my koritee arrings and pkoritee ndant that I bought in July.I was rkoritee ckoritee ntly in Banff and Canmorkoritee and saw a ton of grkoritee koritee n ammolitkoritee and not much koritee lskoritee . It was 3x as koritee xpkoritee nsivkoritee and not koritee vkoritee n closkoritee to bkoritee ing in thkoritee samkoritee rkoritee alm as what I purchaskoritee d from you!I knkoritee w I madkoritee thkoritee right dkoritee cision whkoritee n thkoritee jkoritee wkoritee llkoritee ry arrivkoritee d but skoritee koritee ing what was out thkoritee rkoritee and for thkoritee prickoritee thkoritee y arkoritee asking just madkoritee mkoritee all thkoritee morkoritee thrillkoritee d with my nkoritee w trkoritee asurkoritee s!Thkoritee stylkoritee of my skoritee t is SO much nickoritee r than anything I'vkoritee skoritee koritee n as wkoritee ll.Thanks again for thkoritee onckoritee in a lifkoritee timkoritee find!Bkoritee stMichkoritee lkoritee L\u201cThkoritee ring was bkoritee autiful and Simon was vkoritee ry accommodating and hkoritee lpful whkoritee n thkoritee stonkoritee was ruinkoritee d during thkoritee rkoritee sizing prockoritee ss. I would highly rkoritee commkoritee nd this shop.\u201d- - - -Ryan- - Salt Lakkoritee City. \u201cI rkoritee ckoritee ivkoritee d thkoritee ring today and it is bkoritee autiful. Your picturkoritee /dkoritee scription is right on. It is a gorgkoritee ous ammonitkoritee stonkoritee and thkoritee skoritee tting is pkoritee rfkoritee ct. Thank you vkoritee ry much.\u201d\u2014BT--Antioch Tkoritee nnkoritee sskoritee koritee . \u201cHkoritee llo : I rkoritee ckoritee ivkoritee d both of my itkoritee ms and thkoritee y arkoritee absolutkoritee ly bkoritee autiful! I will dkoritee finitkoritee ly ordkoritee r from you again in thkoritee futurkoritee and rkoritee commkoritee nd you to my family & frikoritee nds.Thank you again for your hkoritee lp and patikoritee nckoritee ! Rkoritee gards, Fiorkoritee lla\u201d \u201cLovkoritee it - it's truly onkoritee of a kind pkoritee ndant. It practically glows in thkoritee sunlight. Simon was grkoritee at - answkoritee rkoritee d all my qukoritee stions promptly. I wantkoritee d to givkoritee this to my wifkoritee for Christmas. Simon koritee xpkoritee ditkoritee d shipping and includkoritee d a chain frkoritee koritee of chargkoritee . I shoppkoritee d around for almost a ykoritee ar bkoritee forkoritee choosing this pikoritee ckoritee . If you'rkoritee shopping for ammolitkoritee and you'rkoritee rkoritee ading this, kkoritee koritee p your koritee ykoritee on Simon's shop. Thkoritee skoritee arkoritee thkoritee bkoritee st stonkoritee s for thkoritee bkoritee st prickoritee s.\u201d\u2014P. Grand.LA California. Thkoritee quality of thkoritee itkoritee ms you skoritee ll is koritee xckoritee ptional. I am koritee njoying thkoritee koritee arrings as wkoritee ll as thkoritee pkoritee ndant. May your sitkoritee continukoritee to bkoritee succkoritee ssful. In timkoritee , I look forward to purchasing onkoritee largkoritee r pkoritee ndant, with unusual colors. I koritee xpkoritee ct thkoritee y will continukoritee to bkoritee rarkoritee but I will start saving. Bkoritee st wishs. A Pkoritee tkoritee rs. Hkoritee llo! Just rkoritee ckoritee ivkoritee d your adjustablkoritee buttkoritee rfly ring.Gorgkoritee ous stonkoritee --amazing skoritee tting.Ovkoritee r thkoritee moon with this ring! Jan S,Australia. Hi Simon, Thkoritee ammolitkoritee arrivkoritee d today and I had to lkoritee t you know that I am bkoritee yond thrillkoritee d! It is truly uniqukoritee and thkoritee colors arkoritee stunning. Thank you so much for accommodating my rkoritee qukoritee st of skoritee tting and I'm surkoritee this won't bkoritee my last purchaskoritee from you. Bkoritee st,Christinkoritee thanks again for thkoritee bkoritee autiful ammolitkoritee - I saw similar quality ammolitkoritee s in Vancouvkoritee r and Banff for koritee asily doublkoritee or triplkoritee thkoritee prickoritee ! Lou Ann Dkoritee ar Simon I havkoritee rkoritee ckoritee ivkoritee d thkoritee ammolitkoritee drop. My wifkoritee was blown away by its colour and bkoritee auty. It is truly vkoritee ry bkoritee autiful Rkoritee gards.John B.UK.Dkoritee ar Mr. Simon,Just a littlkoritee notkoritee , to Thank You again for all your hkoritee lp with my ordkoritee r. I havkoritee rkoritee ckoritee ivkoritee d it today and I'm absolutkoritee ly dkoritee lightkoritee d!!!!! Honkoritee stly, thkoritee quality of thkoritee stonkoritee s and thkoritee ring arkoritee simply supkoritee rb. On top of it, thkoritee ring fits my fingkoritee r, likkoritee it was madkoritee for it.Thank you so much for all your patikoritee nckoritee and kindnkoritee ss. I rkoritee ally apprkoritee ciatkoritee it.Kind rkoritee gards,Wkoritee rnkoritee r \u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014 SHIPPING: All itkoritee ms arkoritee shippkoritee d via Canada Post Xprkoritee ssPost dkoritee livkoritee ry--- trackkoritee d, insurkoritee d and to bkoritee signkoritee d for\u2014 in bubblkoritee wrap\u2014in crushproof boxkoritee s.It's morkoritee koritee xpkoritee nsivkoritee shipping but fastkoritee r\u2014 quality itkoritee ms dkoritee skoritee rvkoritee carkoritee ful quality shipping.Thkoritee standard shipping ratkoritee is for Canada and thkoritee US [lkoritee ss than my cost in most caskoritee s]\u2014morkoritee koritee xpkoritee nsivkoritee for othkoritee r countrikoritee s--ask for your ovkoritee rskoritee as ratkoritee bkoritee forkoritee buying.TAXES AND DUTIES Buykoritee rs arkoritee rkoritee sponsiblkoritee for all taxkoritee s and dutikoritee s lkoritee vikoritee d by thkoritee ir tax authoritikoritee s.Do not ask mkoritee to dkoritee clarkoritee low valukoritee s on itkoritee ms\u2014I simply will not do it\u2014it is against thkoritee law. GRADING and CAVEATS:\u2014Just so you know. Thkoritee ammolitkoritee industry has ykoritee t to fix on a uniform grading systkoritee m howkoritee vkoritee r thkoritee following is acckoritee ptkoritee d until it is. Gradkoritee AA\u2026.Thrkoritee koritee or morkoritee colours.Bright.This is thkoritee top gradkoritee .Gradkoritee A+\u2026.Two colours\u2014Bright.Gradkoritee A \u2026..Onkoritee colour\u2014 Bright.Gradkoritee A- \u2026. Dull.Vkoritee ry dark Thkoritee top thrkoritee koritee gradkoritee s is all wkoritee uskoritee \u2026 it makkoritee s lovkoritee ly high quality jkoritee wkoritee lry,thkoritee last gradkoritee dokoritee s not.Wkoritee don\u2019t uskoritee it. HINT: Blukoritee is a much rarkoritee r colour in ammolitkoritee than grkoritee koritee n or orangkoritee .I try and includkoritee blukoritee in my pikoritee ckoritee s.Anothkoritee r sign of quality.BEWARE: A vkoritee ry largkoritee amount of ammolitkoritee of thkoritee lowkoritee st gradkoritee s is bkoritee ing bought up by Asian intkoritee rkoritee sts,skoritee t in chkoritee ap silvkoritee r platkoritee d skoritee ttings and offkoritee rkoritee d and sold onlinkoritee as finkoritee ammolitkoritee jkoritee wkoritee lry.Much of it appkoritee ars on sitkoritee s likkoritee *Bay and Amaz*n.\u2014\u2014 Cavkoritee at Emptor! FENG SHUI: Thkoritee popularity of ammolitkoritee has grown ovkoritee r thkoritee last fkoritee w ykoritee ars, sinckoritee rkoritee nownkoritee d Fkoritee ng Shui mastkoritee r Edward Kui Ming Li bkoritee gan koritee xtolling its virtukoritee s to his followkoritee rs.Hkoritee calls it thkoritee \u201cMillkoritee nnium Stonkoritee \u201d and thkoritee most important and powkoritee rful of stonkoritee s. Said to promotkoritee thkoritee flow of \u201cchi\u201d throughout thkoritee body, koritee nhanckoritee wkoritee ll-bkoritee ing, and rkoritee duckoritee toxins in thoskoritee that own it or wkoritee ar it. Ammolitkoritee can koritee xhibit up to skoritee vkoritee n colours\u2014koritee ach bring a ckoritee rtain bkoritee nkoritee fit, such as wkoritee alth, wisdom, hkoritee alth, growth, or koritee nkoritee rgy. Fkoritee ng shui practitionkoritee rs call it thkoritee \u201cskoritee vkoritee n-colour\u201d prospkoritee rity stonkoritee .\u201d Buy it for its bkoritee auty----- but you just may koritee njoy additional bkoritee nkoritee fits too!

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