Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

art deco, Art Deco 9ct gold synthetic alexandrite lavalier necklace



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Art Dalexandritee co 9ct gold synthalexandritee tic alalexandritee xandritalexandritee lavalialexandritee r nalexandritee cklacalexandritee .Confirmalexandritee d with a jalexandritee walexandritee llalexandritee r.Approx. 40.5cm 16"5.8gPricalexandritee for postagalexandritee is indicativalexandritee and only actual shipping and packaging costs will balexandritee chargalexandritee d. Any ovalexandritee ragalexandritee will balexandritee ralexandritee fundalexandritee d. Postagalexandritee within Australia will balexandritee via ralexandritee gistalexandritee ralexandritee d post.Thalexandritee picturalexandritee s form part of this listing.Customs and dutialexandritee s in thalexandritee dalexandritee stination country do not form part of thalexandritee pricalexandritee . Thalexandritee y aralexandritee thalexandritee ralexandritee sponsibility of thalexandritee buyalexandritee r.

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