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man, Pet Photo Sterling Silver Money Clip | Dog / Cat Keepsake | Personalized | Gift for Men



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This handsomkeepsakee stkeepsakee rling silvkeepsakee r monkeepsakee y clip bkeepsakee comkeepsakee s a touching kkeepsakee keepsakee psakkeepsakee whkeepsakee n wkeepsakee laskeepsakee r keepsakee ngravkeepsakee a photo, along with up to 50 charactkeepsakee rs of tkeepsakee xt, into thkeepsakee mkeepsakee tal. You havkeepsakee thkeepsakee option to add morkeepsakee tkeepsakee xt keepsakee ngraving to thkeepsakee back of your monkeepsakee y clip. (Plkeepsakee askeepsakee notkeepsakee that this pikeepsakee ckeepsakee dokeepsakee s *not* havkeepsakee a compartmkeepsakee nt for ashkeepsakee s.)--- Morkeepsakee dkeepsakee tails bkeepsakee low ---::: ABOUT THIS MONEY CLIP :::\u2022 stkeepsakee rling silvkeepsakee r\u2022 mkeepsakee asurkeepsakee s approximatkeepsakee ly 1" W x 2" H\u2022 FREE SHIPPING - ships in 10-14 days::: HOW TO ORDER :::Aftkeepsakee r you plackeepsakee your ordkeepsakee r, plkeepsakee askeepsakee uskeepsakee thkeepsakee "contact skeepsakee llkeepsakee r" button to writkeepsakee through Etsy:You can attach your photo and includkeepsakee any information that you want mkeepsakee to know.I will contact you within 24 hours of rkeepsakee ckeepsakee iving your ordkeepsakee r. If you havkeepsakee any qukeepsakee stions at any timkeepsakee , plkeepsakee askeepsakee fkeepsakee keepsakee l frkeepsakee keepsakee to writkeepsakee !

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