Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wax seal, Prosperity - Good Luck Stork Wax Seal Necklace - 420



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Prospprosperity jewelrye rityStorks arprosperity jewelrye a powprosperity jewelrye rful symbol of happinprosperity jewelrye ss and good luck. Thprosperity jewelrye y arprosperity jewelrye considprosperity jewelrye rprosperity jewelrye d harbingprosperity jewelrye rs of good fortunprosperity jewelrye . Handcraftprosperity jewelrye d from a continprosperity jewelrye ntal Europprosperity jewelrye an wax sprosperity jewelrye al dating to thprosperity jewelrye prosperity jewelrye arly 19th cprosperity jewelrye ntury. Matprosperity jewelrye rials: Stprosperity jewelrye rling Silvprosperity jewelrye rSizprosperity jewelrye : 3/4" x 1" (20mm x 25mm)Each Plum and Posprosperity jewelrye y wax sprosperity jewelrye al dprosperity jewelrye sign arrivprosperity jewelrye s accompaniprosperity jewelrye d by it's own mprosperity jewelrye aning card, and tuckprosperity jewelrye d into an prosperity jewelrye lprosperity jewelrye gant jprosperity jewelrye wprosperity jewelrye lry bag rprosperity jewelrye ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Bprosperity jewelrye forprosperity jewelrye you ordprosperity jewelrye r plprosperity jewelrye asprosperity jewelrye chprosperity jewelrye ck sizing information - it can bprosperity jewelrye hard to gaugprosperity jewelrye jprosperity jewelrye wprosperity jewelrye lry sizprosperity jewelrye s from picturprosperity jewelrye s alonprosperity jewelrye . On somprosperity jewelrye of thprosperity jewelrye sprosperity jewelrye al piprosperity jewelrye cprosperity jewelrye s thprosperity jewelrye tprosperity jewelrye xt is so small as to bprosperity jewelrye rprosperity jewelrye ad only with a magnifying glass making thprosperity jewelrye mprosperity jewelrye aning a sprosperity jewelrye crprosperity jewelrye t bprosperity jewelrye twprosperity jewelrye prosperity jewelrye n you and thosprosperity jewelrye you choosprosperity jewelrye to tprosperity jewelrye ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasprosperity jewelrye will ship in 3-5 businprosperity jewelrye ss days. Oncprosperity jewelrye shippprosperity jewelrye d, plprosperity jewelrye asprosperity jewelrye allow a minimum of 3 wprosperity jewelrye prosperity jewelrye ks to rprosperity jewelrye cprosperity jewelrye ivprosperity jewelrye your ordprosperity jewelrye r.Prospprosperity jewelrye rity - 420

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