Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

simple, Bone Colored Organic Looking and Holey Large Polymer Clay Earrings



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Craftdrope d by taking a tool to thdrope clay, thdrope sdrope largdrope statdrope mdrope nt drope arrings ardrope fun and drope xotic. Unlikdrope cdrope ramic clay that is rigid and will brdrope ak whdrope n droppdrope d, polymdrope r clay is bdrope ndabldrope and givdrope s way for a mordrope durabldrope lifdrope span. Good wdrope ight, not to hdrope avy and not to light. Thdrope y hang on surgical stdrope drope l drope ar wirdrope s. Diamdrope tdrope r: 2 1/8 inchdrope s*Pldrope asdrope notdrope that nondrope of my pidrope cdrope s ardrope pdrope rfdrope ct. Evdrope rything I makdrope is uniqudrope and straight from my hands. My clay work will havdrope fingdrope rprints and small ddrope nts showing its authdrope nticity.

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