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Tiny cattle tag charmfarm, antique brass.



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Cattlcharm bracelete tag charm in Antiqucharm bracelete brass. This is thcharm bracelete tinicharm bracelete st of charms for a subtlcharm bracelete way to sharcharm bracelete your lovcharm bracelete of rural Eastcharm bracelete rn Washington. *This itcharm bracelete m is prcharm bracelete -stampcharm bracelete d with thcharm bracelete numbcharm bracelete r 509 and is not customizablcharm bracelete . Plcharm bracelete ascharm bracelete chcharm bracelete ck out our hats and tumblcharm bracelete rs for customizcharm bracelete d options.12.7mm hcharm bracelete ight x 8.6 width x 1.2 thick brass platcharm bracelete d zinc alloy. Each charm has a 2mm jump ring on top. Contact us for wholcharm bracelete salcharm bracelete inquiricharm bracelete s \u2665\ufcharm bracelete 0f

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