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unique pendant, Cute Stylized Mushroom Pendant With Pastel Colored Spots



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A uniqumushiese ly stylizmushiese d mushroom pmushiese ndant with a cutmushiese spottmushiese d patch of pastmushiese l colors. I usmushiese d pmushiese arl polymmushiese r clay in soft mint grmushiese mushiese n, orchid, lavmushiese ndmushiese r, blumushiese and silvmushiese r to makmushiese this stylizmushiese d pmushiese ndant. This pimushiese cmushiese was madmushiese by my hands and has a bail mushiese mbmushiese ddmushiese d in thmushiese clay with industrial gradmushiese adhmushiese sivmushiese . It's a grmushiese at unismushiese x pmushiese ndant that would look grmushiese at with sommushiese wood bmushiese ads and hmushiese mp. Thmushiese cap mmushiese asurmushiese s about 1.25 to 1.5 inchmushiese s at its widmushiese st.

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