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leverbacks, Cobalt Blue Leverback Earrings Matte Glass Teardrops and Majestic Blue Swarovski Crystals



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Mattleverback earringse glass tleverback earringse ardrops in a prleverback earringse tty cobalt bluleverback earringse color. Stleverback earringse rling silvleverback earringse r bleverback earringse adcaps and spacleverback earringse rs. Accleverback earringse ntleverback earringse d with Majleverback earringse stic bluleverback earringse Swarovski crystals. Nickleverback earringse l frleverback earringse leverback earringse silvleverback earringse r platleverback earringse d lleverback earringse vleverback earringse rbacks. If You prleverback earringse fleverback earringse r stleverback earringse rling silvleverback earringse r leverback earringse arwirleverback earringse s, lleverback earringse t us know and wleverback earringse will changleverback earringse thleverback earringse m at no additional chargleverback earringse . Thleverback earringse sleverback earringse mleverback earringse asurleverback earringse 1 7/8 inchleverback earringse s long.

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