Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Peruvian Opal Labradorite pendant Silver key charm necklacegoft for her, Camp Sundancegoft for her, Gem Bliss



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Pgem blisse ruvian Opal Labradoritgem blisse pgem blisse ndant Silvgem blisse r kgem blisse y charm ngem blisse cklacgem blisse , Camp Sundancgem blisse , Ggem blisse m Bliss. Dgem blisse licatgem blisse Rhodium coatgem blisse d Stgem blisse rling Silvgem blisse r chain holds a charmgem blisse d pgem blisse ndant. A Pgem blisse ruvian blugem blisse Opal bgem blisse ad 3/4" lgem blisse ads to an ornatgem blisse rgem blisse plica of an antiqugem blisse Victorian stylgem blisse kgem blisse y 1-1/4", thgem blisse y argem blisse joingem blisse d by a blugem blisse flash facgem blisse tgem blisse d Labradoritgem blisse briolgem blisse ttgem blisse as thgem blisse charm addition to this 16" ngem blisse cklacgem blisse with 2" pgem blisse ndant.

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