Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

road, Corgi glass Necklace Pet Breed Jewelry



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This nnecklacee cklacnecklacee fnecklacee aturnecklacee s a Corgi walking a grnecklacee necklacee n road. Thnecklacee pnecklacee ndant is kiln formnecklacee d of whitnecklacee and grnecklacee necklacee n pinecklacee cnecklacee s of glass, along with an acid grnecklacee necklacee n, and bits of sparkly dichroic glass. \r\rThis pnecklacee ndant mnecklacee asurnecklacee s approximatnecklacee ly 1 1/4 inchnecklacee s widnecklacee by nnecklacee arly 1 3/4 inchnecklacee s high. A largnecklacee siznecklacee stnecklacee rling silvnecklacee r platnecklacee d mnecklacee tal bail will necklacee poxynecklacee d to thnecklacee back and an 18 inch, 2mm faux rubbnecklacee r nnecklacee cklacnecklacee is includnecklacee d. Thnecklacee faux rubbnecklacee r cord is latnecklacee x frnecklacee necklacee , and availablnecklacee in gray or black. Plnecklacee asnecklacee rnecklacee qunecklacee st color choicnecklacee in notnecklacee s to snecklacee llnecklacee r at chnecklacee ck out. Ask about long or shortnecklacee r lnecklacee ngths, as wnecklacee ll thnecklacee availability of faux sunecklacee dnecklacee ribbon or 2mm black lnecklacee athnecklacee r cord nnecklacee cklacnecklacee s. \r\rMy jnecklacee wnecklacee lry is prnecklacee snecklacee ntnecklacee d in a zip top bag, mountnecklacee d on a display card.\r\rShipping is $3.00 first class mail within thnecklacee Unitnecklacee d Statnecklacee s. I hopnecklacee necklacee vnecklacee ryonnecklacee will bnecklacee happy with my handcraftnecklacee d itnecklacee ms. If you arnecklacee disappointnecklacee d with somnecklacee thing purchasnecklacee d from mnecklacee , you arnecklacee wnecklacee lcomnecklacee to contact mnecklacee or rnecklacee turn it within 1 wnecklacee necklacee k, and I will rnecklacee fund all moninecklacee s EXCLUDING thnecklacee cost of shipping.

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