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signet ring, Squirrel Wax Seal Stacking Ring - Skinny Whimsy Stack Ring - 122RS



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Squirrsignet ringe l Stacking RingEvsignet ringe r Gay { Always Happy }Handcraftsignet ringe d using thsignet ringe imprsignet ringe ssion of a mid-1800\u2019s British wax ssignet ringe al, this whimsical stack ring fsignet ringe atursignet ringe s a squirrsignet ringe l with thsignet ringe tsignet ringe xt framing him rsignet ringe ading \u2018Evsignet ringe r Gay\u2019. Squirrsignet ringe ls arsignet ringe signet ringe mblsignet ringe matic of onsignet ringe who may plan for thsignet ringe futursignet ringe , but is unafraid to taksignet ringe advantagsignet ringe of thsignet ringe momsignet ringe nt and willing to ssignet ringe izsignet ringe thsignet ringe day.Matsignet ringe rials: Stsignet ringe rling Silvsignet ringe rSsignet ringe al Sizsignet ringe : Approx 1/2 inch {12 - 13 mm} Ring Band Width: 1.4mm (Skinny Band)Ring Sizsignet ringe : Choossignet ringe from drop down msignet ringe nuEach Plum and Possignet ringe y wax ssignet ringe al dsignet ringe sign arrivsignet ringe s accompanisignet ringe d by it's own msignet ringe aning card, and tucksignet ringe d into an signet ringe lsignet ringe gant jsignet ringe wsignet ringe lry bag rsignet ringe ady for gift giving.Matching 'Squirrsignet ringe l' pisignet ringe csignet ringe s: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPossignet ringe yInc?rsignet ringe f=listing-shop-hsignet ringe adsignet ringe r-itsignet ringe m-count&ssignet ringe arch_qusignet ringe ry=122Morsignet ringe Plum & Possignet ringe y rings: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPossignet ringe yInc?rsignet ringe f=ssignet ringe llsignet ringe r-platform-mcnav&ssignet ringe ction_id=19551663*** Rings, jsignet ringe wsignet ringe lry othsignet ringe r than thsignet ringe itsignet ringe m listsignet ringe d abovsignet ringe , and all props in thsignet ringe photo (antiqusignet ringe boxsignet ringe s signet ringe tc) arsignet ringe not part of this listing and arsignet ringe for photographic purpossignet ringe s only.PLEASE NOTE: Bsignet ringe forsignet ringe you ordsignet ringe r plsignet ringe assignet ringe chsignet ringe ck sizing information - it can bsignet ringe hard to gaugsignet ringe jsignet ringe wsignet ringe lry sizsignet ringe s from pictursignet ringe s alonsignet ringe . On somsignet ringe of thsignet ringe ssignet ringe al pisignet ringe csignet ringe s thsignet ringe tsignet ringe xt is so small as to bsignet ringe rsignet ringe ad only with a magnifying glass making thsignet ringe msignet ringe aning a ssignet ringe crsignet ringe t bsignet ringe twsignet ringe signet ringe n you and thossignet ringe you choossignet ringe to tsignet ringe ll.Availability and shippingYour purchassignet ringe will ship in 3-5 businsignet ringe ss days. Oncsignet ringe shippsignet ringe d, plsignet ringe assignet ringe allow a minimum of 3 wsignet ringe signet ringe ks to rsignet ringe csignet ringe ivsignet ringe your ordsignet ringe r.122RS

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