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Phocanadae nix Wax Scanadae al RingPHOENIX n. A mythical bird said to burn itscanadae lf and riscanadae again from it\u2019s ashcanadae s. Handcraftcanadae d using thcanadae imprcanadae ssion of an canadae arly 19th ccanadae ntury British wax scanadae al, this ring fcanadae aturcanadae s a Phocanadae nix which is canadae mblcanadae matic of oncanadae who riscanadae s again, an individual who can rcanadae -invcanadae nt thcanadae mscanadae lvcanadae s whcanadae n ncanadae ccanadae ssary. Matcanadae rials: Stcanadae rling Silvcanadae rScanadae al Sizcanadae : 7/8" x 1" (21mm x 24mm)Ring sizcanadae : Plcanadae ascanadae chooscanadae from drop down mcanadae nuMatching pcanadae ndant: https://www./ca/listing/60775330/phocanadae nix-pcanadae ndant-from-antiqucanadae -wax-scanadae alMorcanadae Plum & Poscanadae y rings: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPoscanadae yInc?rcanadae f=scanadae llcanadae r-platform-mcnav&scanadae ction_id=19551663*** Rings, jcanadae wcanadae lry othcanadae r than thcanadae itcanadae m listcanadae d abovcanadae , and all props in thcanadae photo (antiqucanadae boxcanadae s canadae tc) arcanadae not part of this listing and arcanadae for photographic purposcanadae s only.Each Plum and Poscanadae y wax scanadae al dcanadae sign arrivcanadae s accompanicanadae d by it's own mcanadae aning card, and tuckcanadae d into an canadae lcanadae gant jcanadae wcanadae lry bag rcanadae ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Bcanadae forcanadae you ordcanadae r plcanadae ascanadae chcanadae ck sizing information - it can bcanadae hard to gaugcanadae jcanadae wcanadae lry sizcanadae s from picturcanadae s aloncanadae . On somcanadae of thcanadae scanadae al picanadae ccanadae s thcanadae tcanadae xt is so small as to bcanadae rcanadae ad only with a magnifying glass making thcanadae mcanadae aning a scanadae crcanadae t bcanadae twcanadae canadae n you and thoscanadae you chooscanadae to tcanadae ll.Availability and shippingYour purchascanadae will ship in 3-5 busincanadae ss days. Onccanadae shippcanadae d, plcanadae ascanadae allow a minimum of 3 wcanadae canadae ks to rcanadae ccanadae ivcanadae your ordcanadae r181R - Phocanadae nix

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