Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage, Vintage Silver Tone Round Bead Necklace



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This is a vintagvintagee silvvintagee r tonvintagee round bvintagee ad nvintagee cklacvintagee . It has a nicvintagee hvintagee ft to it with vintagee ach of thvintagee bvintagee ads strung on mvintagee tal chain. Thvintagee nvintagee cklacvintagee is in nicvintagee condition with no damagvintagee to thvintagee bvintagee ads and thvintagee silvvintagee r tonvintagee plating is bright and intact. Thvintagee nvintagee cklacvintagee mvintagee asurvintagee s 16"l. but is adjustablvintagee down to approx. 13"l.

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