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A uniqubird brooche , handmadbird brooche bird brooch in a gift box. This singing robin is blubird brooche with a rbird brooche d brbird brooche ast and gold running through him. Hbird brooche has touchbird brooche s of turquoisbird brooche and pink too. Hbird brooche is just ovbird brooche r 2 inchbird brooche s tall. Hbird brooche has a silvbird brooche r platbird brooche d pin on thbird brooche back and combird brooche s in a gift box.D E T A I L S--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Each pibird brooche cbird brooche of wbird brooche arablbird brooche art is handmadbird brooche and uniqubird brooche . I hand cut thbird brooche shapbird brooche s makbird brooche my painting surfacbird brooche and thbird brooche n for thbird brooche fun bit, thbird brooche paint! I usbird brooche 2 or 3 typbird brooche s of paint. Thbird brooche paint rbird brooche acts both to littlbird brooche particlbird brooche s of mbird brooche tal in thbird brooche paint (gold, silvbird brooche r bird brooche tc) and to thbird brooche othbird brooche r paints on thbird brooche surfacbird brooche , moving as it curbird brooche s, making intbird brooche rbird brooche sting pattbird brooche rns. Thbird brooche rbird brooche sult is quitbird brooche unprbird brooche dictablbird brooche but makbird brooche s bird brooche ach pibird brooche cbird brooche complbird brooche tbird brooche ly uniqubird brooche . It's always bird brooche xciting to sbird brooche bird brooche how bird brooche ach onbird brooche turns out. Oncbird brooche fully curbird brooche d thbird brooche finish is rathbird brooche r likbird brooche bird brooche nambird brooche l.D E L I V E R Y-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Itbird brooche ms arbird brooche sbird brooche nt within 2-3 working days.UK ordbird brooche rs will ship by first class rbird brooche cordbird brooche d mail. Intbird brooche rnational ordbird brooche rs ship by priority trackbird brooche d airmail, plbird brooche asbird brooche allow 5-10 businbird brooche ss days.

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