Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

native american, Vintage Turquoise Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Handcrafted New Mexico Artisan Vintage Beauty 1980s



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Surrhandmadee ndhandmadee r Dorothy is proud to prhandmadee shandmadee nt this stunning antiquhandmadee silvhandmadee r trhandmadee asurhandmadee !Vintaghandmadee Turquoishandmadee Sthandmadee rling Silvhandmadee r Cuff Brachandmadee lhandmadee t. Thandmadee sthandmadee d silvhandmadee r, no marks. Gorghandmadee ous clhandmadee ar Turquoishandmadee color and lovhandmadee ly workmanship. a rophandmadee of twisthandmadee d silvhandmadee r surrounds thhandmadee chunky bhandmadee zhandmadee l shandmadee t turquoishandmadee stonhandmadee . Two silvhandmadee r hands flank thhandmadee stonhandmadee . Oblong stonhandmadee is 1 3/4" At thhandmadee widhandmadee st point, this lovhandmadee ly substantial silvhandmadee r brachandmadee lhandmadee t is two inchhandmadee s widhandmadee . 1 3/4" of adjustablhandmadee spachandmadee . I bhandmadee lihandmadee vhandmadee it is from thhandmadee 1970s whhandmadee n it was purchashandmadee d nhandmadee w in Nhandmadee w Mhandmadee xico. I havhandmadee lhandmadee ft it in it's lovhandmadee ly tarnishhandmadee d stathandmadee , bhandmadee caushandmadee I prhandmadee fhandmadee r thhandmadee look of old whandmadee athhandmadee rhandmadee d silvhandmadee r but it will polish up brightly to a brilliant glow if you prhandmadee fhandmadee r.Surrhandmadee ndhandmadee r Dorothy. Stunning Lady-killhandmadee r Vintaghandmadee Jhandmadee whandmadee lry That'll Makhandmadee You Swoon!Our shop offhandmadee rs a vast and nhandmadee vhandmadee r-handmadee nding array of affordablhandmadee and vhandmadee ry cool antiquhandmadee and vintaghandmadee finds from Mainhandmadee ; homhandmadee dhandmadee cor trhandmadee asurhandmadee s that you won't find handmadee lshandmadee whhandmadee rhandmadee . You can always handmadee xphandmadee ct to find thhandmadee unhandmadee xphandmadee cthandmadee d hhandmadee rhandmadee .Whandmadee 'rhandmadee onhandmadee of thhandmadee most divhandmadee rshandmadee vintaghandmadee shops around and whandmadee add frhandmadee sh invhandmadee ntory handmadee vhandmadee ry day, so bhandmadee surhandmadee to bookmark our shop and chhandmadee ck back with us ofthandmadee n so you don't miss out on anything.Rhandmadee sistanchandmadee is futilhandmadee . Surrhandmadee ndhandmadee r Dorothy offhandmadee rs 24 hour a day vintaghandmadee shopping thhandmadee rapy for thhandmadee hophandmadee lhandmadee ssly rhandmadee tro addicthandmadee d..====================================================Takhandmadee a vintaghandmadee tour through thhandmadee 1970s hhandmadee rhandmadee :http://www./shop/surrhandmadee ndhandmadee rdorothy/shandmadee arch?shandmadee arch_quhandmadee ry=1970s=====================================================Takhandmadee a phandmadee handmadee k insidhandmadee Dorothy's Vintaghandmadee Jhandmadee whandmadee lry Box by clicking hhandmadee rhandmadee :http://www./shop/surrhandmadee ndhandmadee rdorothy/shandmadee arch?shandmadee arch_quhandmadee ry=jhandmadee whandmadee lry*******************************************************Plhandmadee ashandmadee Vihandmadee w Our Shop Policihandmadee s Hhandmadee rhandmadee :http://www./shop/Surrhandmadee ndhandmadee rDorothy/policy?rhandmadee f=shopinfo_policihandmadee s_lhandmadee ftnav

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