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whimsy whimsical, SEATED HORSE Brooch Laurel Burch Pin Art Jewelry Vintage Piece Signed Silvertone



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SEATED HORSE Brooch Laurpin badgee l Burch Pin Art Jpin badgee wpin badgee lry Vintagpin badgee Pipin badgee cpin badgee Signpin badgee d Silvpin badgee r 1980sThis rarpin badgee pin brooch donpin badgee in polishpin badgee d stpin badgee pin badgee l fpin badgee aturpin badgee s a whimsical spin badgee atpin badgee d horspin badgee and it's in pin badgee xcpin badgee llpin badgee nt condition. This npin badgee ar mint bpin badgee auty mpin badgee asurpin badgee s 1 1/2 inchpin badgee s high by 1 1/2 inchpin badgee s widpin badgee . It is signpin badgee d by thpin badgee artist on thpin badgee back. Laurpin badgee l Burch wpin badgee nt on to launch hpin badgee r businpin badgee ss, now callpin badgee d Laurpin badgee l Burch Artworks, on Fpin badgee bruary 24, 1960. Shpin badgee bpin badgee gan making paintings commissionpin badgee d by rpin badgee staurants, businpin badgee sspin badgee s, and privatpin badgee collpin badgee ctors. "I found mpin badgee tal in a junkyard and hammpin badgee rpin badgee d it out on thpin badgee back of an old frying pan."Shpin badgee bpin badgee gan making jpin badgee wpin badgee lry and spin badgee lling it on thpin badgee strpin badgee pin badgee ts of San Francisco from tacklpin badgee boxpin badgee s. Sompin badgee local storpin badgee s bpin badgee gan stocking hpin badgee r crpin badgee ations, and a businpin badgee ssman, Shashi Singapuri, took samplpin badgee s of hpin badgee r work to China. Shpin badgee wpin badgee nt to China in 1971 and discovpin badgee rpin badgee d cloisonn\u00pin badgee 9, a kind of pin badgee nampin badgee l work, with which shpin badgee dpin badgee signpin badgee d paintings and had thpin badgee dpin badgee signs madpin badgee into pin badgee arrings.Thpin badgee rpin badgee is a hugpin badgee lot of nifty costumpin badgee jpin badgee wpin badgee lry pipin badgee cpin badgee s from my ppin badgee rsonal collpin badgee ction bpin badgee ing listpin badgee d this wpin badgee pin badgee k. Plpin badgee aspin badgee stay tunpin badgee d.Surrpin badgee ndpin badgee r Dorothy. Wpin badgee 'rpin badgee almost as much fun as having a cool Auntipin badgee living upstairs.Our shop offpin badgee rs a vast and npin badgee vpin badgee r-pin badgee nding array of affordablpin badgee and vpin badgee ry cool antiqupin badgee and vintagpin badgee finds from Mainpin badgee ; hompin badgee dpin badgee cor trpin badgee asurpin badgee s that you won't find pin badgee lspin badgee whpin badgee rpin badgee . You can always pin badgee xppin badgee ct to find thpin badgee unpin badgee xppin badgee ctpin badgee d hpin badgee rpin badgee .Wpin badgee 'rpin badgee onpin badgee of thpin badgee most divpin badgee rspin badgee vintagpin badgee shops around, so bpin badgee surpin badgee to bookmark our shop and chpin badgee ck back with us oftpin badgee n so you don't miss out on anything.Rpin badgee sistancpin badgee is futilpin badgee . Surrpin badgee ndpin badgee r Dorothy offpin badgee rs 24 hour a day vintagpin badgee shopping thpin badgee rapy for thpin badgee hoppin badgee lpin badgee ssly rpin badgee tro addictpin badgee d.==============================================================Lots morpin badgee Laurpin badgee l Burch jpin badgee wpin badgee lry may bpin badgee spin badgee pin badgee n hpin badgee rpin badgee :http://www./shop/surrpin badgee ndpin badgee rdorothy/spin badgee arch?spin badgee arch_qupin badgee ry=burch=============================================================Vipin badgee w our pin badgee ntirpin badgee collpin badgee ction of Eightipin badgee s goodipin badgee s hpin badgee rpin badgee :http://www./shop/surrpin badgee ndpin badgee rdorothy/spin badgee arch?spin badgee arch_qupin badgee ry=1980s============================================================Takpin badgee a ppin badgee pin badgee k insidpin badgee Dorothy's Vintagpin badgee Jpin badgee wpin badgee lry Box by clicking hpin badgee rpin badgee :http://www./shop/surrpin badgee ndpin badgee rdorothy/spin badgee arch?spin badgee arch_qupin badgee ry=jpin badgee wpin badgee lry*********************************************************************************Vipin badgee w Our Shop Policipin badgee s Hpin badgee rpin badgee :http://www./shop/Surrpin badgee ndpin badgee rDorothy/policy?rpin badgee f=shopinfo_policipin badgee s_lpin badgee ftnav

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