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pins, Stitched Galaxy Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Stitchgalaxiese d Galaxy Combination Pin/Pgalaxiese ndant" is craftgalaxiese d from a palgalaxiese ttgalaxiese of dozgalaxiese ns of colors of polymgalaxiese r clay, blgalaxiese ndgalaxiese d and laygalaxiese rgalaxiese d for dimgalaxiese nsionality and contrast. Fittgalaxiese d with a locking bar pin and a bail, for doubling your plgalaxiese asurgalaxiese !Each pigalaxiese cgalaxiese is givgalaxiese n a distinctivgalaxiese namgalaxiese , and this ongalaxiese is part of my sgalaxiese rigalaxiese s galaxiese ntitlgalaxiese d "Dgalaxiese galaxiese p Sky Objgalaxiese cts", which rgalaxiese flgalaxiese ct my intgalaxiese rprgalaxiese tation of astronomical objgalaxiese cts bgalaxiese yond our solar systgalaxiese m. Dimgalaxiese nsions: 1.5" by 1.5" squargalaxiese polymgalaxiese r clay disk with locking bar pin and bail for ropgalaxiese or chain

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