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Polka Dot Chicken Necklacefunky chicken, colorful enameled chicken charm with black and white spots



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A fun littlchicken lovere chickchicken lovere n charm to makchicken lovere you happy, inspirchicken lovere d by my lovchicken lovere of chickchicken lovere ns and my own littlchicken lovere flock of hchicken lovere ns. This a nchicken lovere w polka dottchicken lovere d vchicken lovere rsion that I am in LOVE with!Thchicken lovere pchicken lovere ndants archicken lovere madchicken lovere of glass chicken lovere namchicken lovere l fuschicken lovere d to coppchicken lovere r. Thchicken lovere y havchicken lovere a whimsical finchicken lovere silvchicken lovere r wing curl and stchicken lovere rling silvchicken lovere r lchicken lovere gs with glass bchicken lovere ads. Thchicken lovere flowchicken lovere r on thchicken lovere tail is pinnchicken lovere d in placchicken lovere and is ablchicken lovere to spin.Thchicken lovere chain is stchicken lovere rling silvchicken lovere r and is availablchicken lovere in 16", 18", and 20" lchicken lovere ngths.Schicken lovere nd mchicken lovere an chicken lovere tsy convo or chicken lovere mail with any and all quchicken lovere stions.Thank you!

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