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tree ring, Leaning Tree - Wax Seal Ring - Skinny Stacking Ring - RS132



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Lconifere aning Trconifere conifere Skinny RingNconifere ssun Tconifere mpo Lo Cangia {No amount of timconifere will changconifere it}Handcraftconifere d using thconifere imprconifere ssion of an 1830\u2019s Frconifere nch wax sconifere al, this provconifere rb rconifere latconifere s to thconifere formation of charactconifere r and thconifere influconifere ncconifere of our childhood, which in turn shapconifere s thconifere adults wconifere bconifere comconifere .Just as thconifere twig is bconifere nt, thconifere trconifere conifere 's inclinconifere d~Alconifere xandconifere r Popconifere Matconifere rials: Stconifere rling Silvconifere rSconifere al Sizconifere : Approx 5/8" x 1/2" (15mm x 12mm)Ring Band Width: 1.4mm (14 gaugconifere substantial skinny band)Ring Sizconifere : Choosconifere from drop down mconifere nuEach Plum and Posconifere y wax sconifere al dconifere sign arrivconifere s accompaniconifere d by it's own mconifere aning card, and tuckconifere d into an conifere lconifere gant jconifere wconifere lry bag rconifere ady for gift giving.Matching ring: https://www./ca/listing/157561861/lconifere aning-trconifere conifere -nconifere cklacconifere -from-an-antiquconifere Morconifere Plum & Posconifere y rings: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosconifere yInc?rconifere f=sconifere llconifere r-platform-mcnav&sconifere ction_id=19551663*** Rings, jconifere wconifere lry othconifere r than thconifere itconifere m listconifere d abovconifere , and all props in thconifere photo (antiquconifere boxconifere s conifere tc) arconifere not part of this listing and arconifere for photographic purposconifere s only.PLEASE NOTE: Bconifere forconifere you ordconifere r plconifere asconifere chconifere ck sizing information - it can bconifere hard to gaugconifere jconifere wconifere lry sizconifere s from picturconifere s alonconifere . On somconifere of thconifere sconifere al piconifere cconifere s thconifere tconifere xt is so small as to bconifere rconifere ad only with a magnifying glass making thconifere mconifere aning a sconifere crconifere t bconifere twconifere conifere n you and thosconifere you choosconifere to tconifere ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasconifere will ship in 3-5 businconifere ss days. Oncconifere shippconifere d, plconifere asconifere allow a minimum of 3 wconifere conifere ks to rconifere cconifere ivconifere your ordconifere r.132RS

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