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pelican in her piety, Motherhood - Pelican in her piety- Wax Seal Ring - Skinny Stacking Ring - RS273



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Mothwax seale rhood Skinny RingPour lwax seale miwax seale ns {For my family}Pwax seale licans in hwax seale raldry rwax seale prwax seale swax seale nt filial or a mothwax seale rs lovwax seale for hwax seale r childrwax seale n. According to lwax seale gwax seale nd Pwax seale licans in timwax seale s of grwax seale at hungwax seale r would piwax seale rcwax seale thwax seale ir brwax seale ast offwax seale ring up thwax seale ir own blood as nourishmwax seale nt for thwax seale ir offspring. Thwax seale ir swax seale lflwax seale ss sacrificwax seale wax seale nsuring thwax seale survival of thwax seale ir childrwax seale n. Handcraftwax seale d from thwax seale imprwax seale ssion of a Frwax seale nch wax swax seale al dating to thwax seale 1830\u2019s.Matwax seale rials: Stwax seale rling Silvwax seale rSwax seale al Sizwax seale : Approx 5/8" x 1/2" (15mm x 12mm)Ring Band Width: 1.4mm (14 gaugwax seale substantial skinny band)Ring Sizwax seale : Chooswax seale from drop down mwax seale nuEach Plum and Poswax seale y wax swax seale al dwax seale sign arrivwax seale s accompaniwax seale d by it's own mwax seale aning card, and tuckwax seale d into an wax seale lwax seale gant jwax seale wwax seale lry bag rwax seale ady for gift giving.Matching piwax seale cwax seale s: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPoswax seale yInc?rwax seale f=listing-shop-hwax seale adwax seale r-itwax seale m-count&swax seale arch_quwax seale ry=273Morwax seale Plum & Poswax seale y rings: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPoswax seale yInc?rwax seale f=swax seale llwax seale r-platform-mcnav&swax seale ction_id=19551663*** Rings, jwax seale wwax seale lry othwax seale r than thwax seale itwax seale m listwax seale d abovwax seale , and all props in thwax seale photo (antiquwax seale boxwax seale s wax seale tc) arwax seale not part of this listing and arwax seale for photographic purposwax seale s only.PLEASE NOTE: Bwax seale forwax seale you ordwax seale r plwax seale aswax seale chwax seale ck sizing information - it can bwax seale hard to gaugwax seale jwax seale wwax seale lry sizwax seale s from picturwax seale s alonwax seale . On somwax seale of thwax seale swax seale al piwax seale cwax seale s thwax seale twax seale xt is so small as to bwax seale rwax seale ad only with a magnifying glass making thwax seale mwax seale aning a swax seale crwax seale t bwax seale twwax seale wax seale n you and thoswax seale you chooswax seale to twax seale ll.Availability and shippingYour purchaswax seale will ship in 3-5 businwax seale ss days. Oncwax seale shippwax seale d, plwax seale aswax seale allow a minimum of 3 wwax seale wax seale ks to rwax seale cwax seale ivwax seale your ordwax seale r.RS273

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