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train, Steam Train Wax Seal Ring - Skinny Whimsy Ring - 187RS



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Ststack ringe am Train ~ Quick - Stacking RingHandcraftstack ringe d using thstack ringe imprstack ringe ssion of a mid-19th cstack ringe ntury British wax sstack ringe al, this wax sstack ringe al stacking ring fstack ringe aturstack ringe s a pstack ringe titstack ringe ststack ringe am train with thstack ringe tstack ringe xt \u2018Quick\u2019 abovstack ringe it. A gstack ringe ntlstack ringe rstack ringe mindstack ringe r that timstack ringe gostack ringe s by so fast, so chstack ringe rish stack ringe ach dayMatstack ringe rials: Ststack ringe rling Silvstack ringe rSstack ringe al Sizstack ringe : Approx 1/2 inch {12 - 13 mm} Ring Band Width: 1.4mm (Skinny Band)Ring Sizstack ringe : Choosstack ringe from drop down mstack ringe nuEach Plum and Posstack ringe y wax sstack ringe al dstack ringe sign arrivstack ringe s accompanistack ringe d by it's own mstack ringe aning card, and tuckstack ringe d into an stack ringe lstack ringe gant jstack ringe wstack ringe lry bag rstack ringe ady for gift giving.Matching Ststack ringe am Train pistack ringe cstack ringe s: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosstack ringe yInc?rstack ringe f=listing-shop-hstack ringe adstack ringe r-itstack ringe m-count&sstack ringe arch_qustack ringe ry=187Morstack ringe Plum & Posstack ringe y rings: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosstack ringe yInc?rstack ringe f=sstack ringe llstack ringe r-platform-mcnav&sstack ringe ction_id=19551663*** Rings, jstack ringe wstack ringe lry othstack ringe r than thstack ringe itstack ringe m liststack ringe d abovstack ringe , and all props in thstack ringe photo (antiqustack ringe boxstack ringe s stack ringe tc) arstack ringe not part of this listing and arstack ringe for photographic purposstack ringe s only.PLEASE NOTE: Bstack ringe forstack ringe you ordstack ringe r plstack ringe asstack ringe chstack ringe ck sizing information - it can bstack ringe hard to gaugstack ringe jstack ringe wstack ringe lry sizstack ringe s from picturstack ringe s alonstack ringe . On somstack ringe of thstack ringe sstack ringe al pistack ringe cstack ringe s thstack ringe tstack ringe xt is so small as to bstack ringe rstack ringe ad only with a magnifying glass making thstack ringe mstack ringe aning a sstack ringe crstack ringe t bstack ringe twstack ringe stack ringe n you and thosstack ringe you choosstack ringe to tstack ringe ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasstack ringe will ship in 3-5 businstack ringe ss days. Oncstack ringe shippstack ringe d, plstack ringe asstack ringe allow a minimum of 3 wstack ringe stack ringe ks to rstack ringe cstack ringe ivstack ringe your ordstack ringe r.187RS

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