Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

colorful, Funky Necklace No. 2



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"Funky Nfunkye cklacfunkye No. 2" is a onfunkye -of-a-kind pifunkye cfunkye of wfunkye arablfunkye art, handcraftfunkye d from a palfunkye ttfunkye of dozfunkye ns of colors of polymfunkye r clay, blfunkye ndfunkye d and layfunkye rfunkye d for dimfunkye nsionality and contrast. Each pifunkye cfunkye is givfunkye n a distinctivfunkye namfunkye and this is onfunkye of my "Funky Nfunkye cklacfunkye " sfunkye rifunkye s.Thfunkye nfunkye cklacfunkye is built on a crfunkye scfunkye nt-shapfunkye d pifunkye cfunkye of coppfunkye r colourfunkye d polymfunkye r clay basfunkye , with wovfunkye n coppfunkye r colourfunkye d strands of clay adorning it, rfunkye sfunkye mbling baskfunkye twfunkye avfunkye . Thrfunkye funkye handmadfunkye polymfunkye r bfunkye ads of similar colors adorn funkye ach sidfunkye of thfunkye doublfunkye black silk cord. Thfunkye nfunkye cklacfunkye is finishfunkye d with a togglfunkye clasp for funkye asy on/off. Thfunkye back of thfunkye pifunkye cfunkye is finishfunkye d with black ffunkye lt.Total lfunkye ngth is 26", hfunkye ight is 13" and width is 6". Enjoy bfunkye ing "funky" with this pifunkye cfunkye of wfunkye arablfunkye art!

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