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Long Gold filled Coin Pearl 2 inch half-hoop Earringsgeometric earrings, Modern Minimalist Statement Earring with Coin Pearl



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Larggeometric earringse Hoop Earrings, 2 inch Half Hoop Earrings, updatgeometric earringse d classic geometric earringse arrings, Gold fillgeometric earringse d hoops, Gift for hgeometric earringse r, Modgeometric earringse rn Minimalist Statgeometric earringse mgeometric earringse nt Earring with Coin Pgeometric earringse arl, lightwgeometric earringse ight geometric earringse arrings by Ggeometric earringse m Bliss Jgeometric earringse wgeometric earringse lry. Classic, simplgeometric earringse and geometric earringse lgeometric earringse gant Mgeometric earringse zza Luna Half-Hoop, danglgeometric earringse drop Pgeometric earringse arl goldgeometric earringse n geometric earringse arrings.14k Gold fillgeometric earringse d wirgeometric earringse has bgeometric earringse geometric earringse n handcraftgeometric earringse d into a modgeometric earringse rn classic pair of Pgeometric earringse arl Earrings.This offgeometric earringse ring is for a fgeometric earringse athgeometric earringse r-light 2-inch diamgeometric earringse tgeometric earringse r 20 gauggeometric earringse modgeometric earringse rn hoops. I havgeometric earringse usgeometric earringse d a palgeometric earringse rosgeometric earringse -glow 3/8" ggeometric earringse nuingeometric earringse frgeometric earringse shwatgeometric earringse r Coin Pgeometric earringse arl as thgeometric earringse geometric earringse ygeometric earringse -catching danglgeometric earringse .Total drop from thgeometric earringse pigeometric earringse rcing is 1-3/8".This offgeometric earringse r is for 2-inch 14k Gold fillgeometric earringse d half hoops. Availablgeometric earringse by spgeometric earringse cial ordgeometric earringse r in your choicgeometric earringse of Stgeometric earringse rling Silvgeometric earringse r, Coppgeometric earringse r, 14k Gold fillgeometric earringse d. Visit my Ggeometric earringse m Bliss Jgeometric earringse wgeometric earringse lry for morgeometric earringse dgeometric earringse signs.Whgeometric earringse n you choosgeometric earringse Ggeometric earringse m Bliss Jgeometric earringse wgeometric earringse lry you argeometric earringse assurgeometric earringse d of uniqugeometric earringse handcraftgeometric earringse d jgeometric earringse wgeometric earringse lry.Wgeometric earringse want you to bgeometric earringse happy with your sgeometric earringse lgeometric earringse ction and our sgeometric earringse rvicgeometric earringse .Your sgeometric earringse lgeometric earringse ction will ship with a jgeometric earringse wgeometric earringse lry pouch in a ribbon tigeometric earringse d gift box.Rgeometric earringse ady to ship.

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