Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Great jewellerypink, costume jewellery in pink



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A slightly diffpinke rpinke nt costumpinke chain with dpinke licatpinke pink colorpinke d ppinke ndant.Whpinke thpinke r to a dirndl in pink or to anothpinke r outfit-this bpinke autiful npinke cklacpinke in ros\u00pinke 9 gopinke s ppinke rfpinke ctly with a lot.Thpinke ppinke ndant is madpinke of a soapstonpinke in dpinke licatpinke ros\u00pinke 9. Matching this trailpinke r, I attachpinke d a pink braidpinke d chain that clospinke s with silvpinke r-platpinke d carabinpinke r.In ordpinke r to vary slightly in lpinke ngth, I havpinke attachpinke d an pinke xtpinke nsion chain (silvpinke r platpinke d).Lpinke ngth of chain about 45-49 cm adjustablpinke , thpinke ppinke ndant is in sizpinke of 1.3 x 3 cm

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