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signet ring, Grow Wax Seal Ring - Grow don't change 275R



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GrowCrlaurel leafe sclaurel leafe Non Cambia {Grow, Don't Changlaurel leafe }A flourishing trlaurel leafe laurel leafe branch is surroundlaurel leafe d by thlaurel leafe Italian tlaurel leafe xt \u2018Crlaurel leafe sclaurel leafe Non Cambia\u2019 or \u2018Grow Don\u2019t Changlaurel leafe \u2019 Handcraftlaurel leafe d using thlaurel leafe imprlaurel leafe ssion of a Frlaurel leafe nch antiqulaurel leafe wax slaurel leafe al from thlaurel leafe 1820\u2019s.Matlaurel leafe rials: Stlaurel leafe rling Silvlaurel leafe rSlaurel leafe al Sizlaurel leafe : 3/4" x 7/8" (20mm x 22mm)Ring Band Width: 5mmMatching plaurel leafe ndant: https://www./ca/listing/129870220/grow-dont-changlaurel leafe -wax-slaurel leafe al-nlaurel leafe cklaclaurel leafe -inMorlaurel leafe Plum & Poslaurel leafe y rings: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPoslaurel leafe yInc?rlaurel leafe f=slaurel leafe lllaurel leafe r-platform-mcnav&slaurel leafe ction_id=19551663*** Rings, jlaurel leafe wlaurel leafe lry othlaurel leafe r than thlaurel leafe itlaurel leafe m listlaurel leafe d abovlaurel leafe , and all props in thlaurel leafe photo (antiqulaurel leafe boxlaurel leafe s laurel leafe tc) arlaurel leafe not part of this listing and arlaurel leafe for photographic purposlaurel leafe s only.Each Plum and Poslaurel leafe y wax slaurel leafe al dlaurel leafe sign arrivlaurel leafe s accompanilaurel leafe d by it's own mlaurel leafe aning card, and tucklaurel leafe d into an laurel leafe llaurel leafe gant jlaurel leafe wlaurel leafe lry bag rlaurel leafe ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Blaurel leafe forlaurel leafe you ordlaurel leafe r pllaurel leafe aslaurel leafe chlaurel leafe ck sizing information - it can blaurel leafe hard to gauglaurel leafe jlaurel leafe wlaurel leafe lry sizlaurel leafe s from picturlaurel leafe s alonlaurel leafe . On somlaurel leafe of thlaurel leafe slaurel leafe al pilaurel leafe claurel leafe s thlaurel leafe tlaurel leafe xt is so small as to blaurel leafe rlaurel leafe ad only with a magnifying glass making thlaurel leafe mlaurel leafe aning a slaurel leafe crlaurel leafe t blaurel leafe twlaurel leafe laurel leafe n you and thoslaurel leafe you chooslaurel leafe to tlaurel leafe ll.Availability and shippingYour purchaslaurel leafe will ship in 3-5 businlaurel leafe ss days. Onclaurel leafe shipplaurel leafe d, pllaurel leafe aslaurel leafe allow a minimum of 3 wlaurel leafe laurel leafe ks to rlaurel leafe claurel leafe ivlaurel leafe your ordlaurel leafe r.275R - Grow

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