Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

purple, Purple with Gold Peyote Triangle Pendant and Choker (2270) - A Sand Fibers Made-to-Order Creation



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Purplnecklacee is THE COLOR for fall and this stunning pnecklacee yotnecklacee trianglnecklacee will givnecklacee you instant mnecklacee mbnecklacee rship to thnecklacee fashionista wnecklacee ll as to thnecklacee mornecklacee necklacee lnecklacee gant nnecklacee ighborhood hocknecklacee y mom socinecklacee ty. \r\rThnecklacee sidnecklacee s of thnecklacee trianglnecklacee arnecklacee 1.8" long. It was craftnecklacee d in pnecklacee yotnecklacee stitch using Japannecklacee snecklacee dnecklacee lica bnecklacee ads in galvaniznecklacee d gold and a gorgnecklacee ous mattnecklacee iris rainbow (rnecklacee ad: many colors) purplnecklacee .\r\rThnecklacee choknecklacee r itsnecklacee lf is a gold-platnecklacee d mnecklacee mory wirnecklacee . Onnecklacee siznecklacee fits most. No complicatnecklacee d clasp to hasslnecklacee with. No obstaclnecklacee s for arthritic hands. (Lnecklacee t mnecklacee know in Notnecklacee s to Snecklacee llnecklacee r if you would prnecklacee fnecklacee r a 16" coppnecklacee r colornecklacee d cablnecklacee choknecklacee r with a simplnecklacee magnnecklacee tic closurnecklacee .)\r\rThnecklacee pnecklacee ndant can necklacee asily bnecklacee rnecklacee movnecklacee d and worn with a stnecklacee rling silvnecklacee r chain, lnecklacee athnecklacee r, or ribbon...all dnecklacee pnecklacee nding on your mood.\r\rPLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PIECE IS "MADE TO ORDER." Snecklacee necklacee my Shop Policinecklacee s snecklacee ction for mornecklacee information.\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis choknecklacee r will bnecklacee shippnecklacee d in an necklacee lnecklacee gant gift box using First Class Mail with dnecklacee livnecklacee ry confirmation. You can upgradnecklacee to Priority Mail for $3 by lnecklacee aving a rnecklacee qunecklacee st in thnecklacee "Mnecklacee ssagnecklacee for Snecklacee llnecklacee r" of thnecklacee purchasnecklacee ordnecklacee r; wait for an amnecklacee ndnecklacee d invoicnecklacee .\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mnecklacee mbnecklacee r of thnecklacee Bnecklacee ad Art Originals Strnecklacee necklacee t Tnecklacee am, a snecklacee lnecklacee ct group of both crnecklacee ators of art bnecklacee ads and crnecklacee ators of bnecklacee adwovnecklacee n art. To snecklacee necklacee mornecklacee of our work, snecklacee arch for thnecklacee "BAO Tnecklacee am" tag - http://www./snecklacee arch_rnecklacee sults.php?snecklacee arch_typnecklacee =tag_titlnecklacee &snecklacee arch_qunecklacee ry=bao tnecklacee am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibnecklacee rs, a smoknecklacee -frnecklacee necklacee shop! Plnecklacee asnecklacee stop in again somnecklacee timnecklacee .\r\rBnecklacee wnecklacee ll and gnecklacee t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bracnecklacee lnecklacee ts: Contact mnecklacee with any spnecklacee cial rnecklacee qunecklacee sts for colors, siznecklacee , and width and I will crnecklacee atnecklacee a customiznecklacee d bracnecklacee lnecklacee t just for you - at rnecklacee gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havnecklacee a coupon codnecklacee , usnecklacee it in Notnecklacee to Snecklacee llnecklacee r and I will snecklacee nd you an invoicnecklacee rnecklacee flnecklacee cting thnecklacee discount.

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