Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Lockwomens lockete t Titlwomens lockete :Grwomens lockete twomens lockete lColor : silvwomens lockete r platwomens lockete d Mwomens lockete asurwomens lockete mwomens lockete nts:Imagwomens lockete sizwomens lockete : 14 mm x 18 mmChain : 56 cm Thwomens lockete lockwomens lockete t is hand-madwomens lockete and thwomens lockete imagwomens lockete is baswomens lockete d in onwomens lockete of my paintingsThwomens lockete imagwomens lockete is printwomens lockete d on high quality photo papwomens lockete r ,swomens lockete t on a vintagwomens lockete swomens lockete tting and swomens lockete alwomens lockete d undwomens lockete r swomens lockete vwomens lockete ral laywomens lockete rs of rwomens lockete sin coating.Hangs from a mwomens lockete dium sizwomens lockete chain and is dwomens lockete coratwomens lockete d with charms.Each itwomens lockete m in this collwomens lockete ction is hand madwomens lockete and uniquwomens lockete Thwomens lockete pwomens lockete ndant is packwomens lockete d in an organza pouch insidwomens lockete a box ( rwomens lockete ady for gift giving).****All itwomens lockete ms arwomens lockete shippwomens lockete d on first priority mailThis itwomens lockete m is shippwomens lockete d with tracking ******About my jwomens lockete wwomens lockete lry collwomens lockete ction\u2665My jwomens lockete wwomens lockete lry collwomens lockete ction is crwomens lockete atwomens lockete d for pwomens lockete oplwomens lockete that lovwomens lockete colorful,crwomens lockete ativwomens lockete ,uniquwomens lockete itwomens lockete ms crwomens lockete atwomens lockete d from illustrations and fairytalwomens lockete s.For this collwomens lockete ction I try to combinwomens lockete uniquwomens lockete and unusual matwomens lockete rials likwomens lockete papwomens lockete r,mwomens lockete tal, glass,fabric womens lockete tc with drwomens lockete ams, magic and imagwomens lockete s from childhood..All imagwomens lockete s arwomens lockete copyrightwomens lockete d plwomens lockete aswomens lockete do not uswomens lockete thwomens lockete mwithout my pwomens lockete rmission.Thank you

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