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silver, Smoke Quartz Earrings



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A bearringse autiful earringse arrings with a largearringse smokearringse quartz drop, rosearringse quartz and mountain kristalllinsearringse n, all wrappearringse d and fastearringse nearringse d with 925 silvearringse r wirearringse .* * Mearringse thod of manufacturearringse * *Manual work* * Matearringse rials usearringse d * *925 silvearringse r, smoky quartz drops, ambearringse r and mountain Kristalllinsearringse n* * Sizearringse /Dimearringse nsions/wearringse ight * *Light EarringLearringse ngth with Brisur 6 cmSmokearringse Quartz drops 2 cm

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