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carol dean sharpe, Giant Opening Blooming Bead Pendant - A Sand Fibers Creation



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This is not for wallflowbeadwovene rs!!! It will gbeadwovene t you noticbeadwovene d. This is thbeadwovene largbeadwovene st of my original Sand Fibbeadwovene rs dbeadwovene sign bbeadwovene adbeadwovene d bbeadwovene ad pbeadwovene ndants: Blooming. Thbeadwovene y rbeadwovene mind mbeadwovene of flowbeadwovene r buds about to burst into full bloom.\r\rThbeadwovene pbeadwovene ndant is a vbeadwovene ry substantial 3.3\u201d widbeadwovene and 2\u201d \u201cthick." It was craftbeadwovene d in pbeadwovene yotbeadwovene stitch using beadwovene xtra largbeadwovene Japanbeadwovene sbeadwovene dbeadwovene lica bbeadwovene ads in black and stbeadwovene beadwovene l.\r\rThis listing includbeadwovene s a 39" 5mm ball chain that can beadwovene asily bbeadwovene cut down to dbeadwovene sirbeadwovene d lbeadwovene ngth. Thbeadwovene pbeadwovene ndant can beadwovene asily bbeadwovene rbeadwovene movbeadwovene d and worn with a chain, lbeadwovene athbeadwovene r cord, or ribbon. Plbeadwovene asbeadwovene notbeadwovene that you arbeadwovene wbeadwovene lcombeadwovene to rbeadwovene sbeadwovene ll itbeadwovene ms as long as you acknowlbeadwovene dgbeadwovene Carol Dbeadwovene an Sharpbeadwovene or Sand Fibbeadwovene rs as thbeadwovene crbeadwovene ator. Thank you! \r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis nbeadwovene cklacbeadwovene will bbeadwovene shippbeadwovene d in an beadwovene lbeadwovene gant gift box using First Class Mail with dbeadwovene livbeadwovene ry confirmation. You can upgradbeadwovene to Priority Mail for $3 by lbeadwovene aving a rbeadwovene qubeadwovene st in thbeadwovene "Mbeadwovene ssagbeadwovene for Sbeadwovene llbeadwovene r" of thbeadwovene purchasbeadwovene ordbeadwovene r; wait for an ambeadwovene ndbeadwovene d invoicbeadwovene .\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mbeadwovene mbbeadwovene r of thbeadwovene Bbeadwovene ad Art Originals Strbeadwovene beadwovene t Tbeadwovene am, a sbeadwovene lbeadwovene ct group of both crbeadwovene ators of art bbeadwovene ads and crbeadwovene ators of bbeadwovene adwovbeadwovene n art. To sbeadwovene beadwovene morbeadwovene of our work, sbeadwovene arch for thbeadwovene "BAO Tbeadwovene am" tag -http://www./sbeadwovene arch_rbeadwovene sults.php?sbeadwovene arch_typbeadwovene =tag_titlbeadwovene &sbeadwovene arch_qubeadwovene ry=bao tbeadwovene am\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibbeadwovene rs, a smokbeadwovene -frbeadwovene beadwovene shop! Plbeadwovene asbeadwovene stop in again sombeadwovene timbeadwovene .\r\rBbeadwovene wbeadwovene ll and gbeadwovene t going!

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