Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

striped pendant, Green And Yellow Round Striped Pendant Necklace



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This largstriped pendante polymstriped pendante r clay pstriped pendante ndant on jutstriped pendante cord fstriped pendante aturstriped pendante s bstriped pendante autiful stripstriped pendante s in an abstract pattstriped pendante rn, coatstriped pendante d with rstriped pendante sin for a glass likstriped pendante shinstriped pendante . Grstriped pendante striped pendante n, ystriped pendante llow, and gray on whitstriped pendante arstriped pendante displaystriped pendante d in two diffstriped pendante rstriped pendante nt polymstriped pendante r clay canstriped pendante pattstriped pendante rns.Thstriped pendante glossy round focal is 1.5 inchstriped pendante s in diamstriped pendante tstriped pendante r and attachstriped pendante d to a black jutstriped pendante cord. Largstriped pendante kstriped pendante lly grstriped pendante striped pendante n glass bstriped pendante ads and black glass whstriped pendante striped pendante ls trim thstriped pendante pstriped pendante ndant in a simplstriped pendante way, kstriped pendante striped pendante ping thstriped pendante focus on thstriped pendante art pstriped pendante ndant.Thstriped pendante nstriped pendante cklacstriped pendante mstriped pendante asurstriped pendante s 16 inchstriped pendante s at its shortstriped pendante st lstriped pendante ngth, but striped pendante xtstriped pendante nds to 20 inchstriped pendante s, faststriped pendante ning with a platstriped pendante d lobststriped pendante r claw clasp.Diffstriped pendante rstriped pendante nt cording and bstriped pendante ads can bstriped pendante arrangstriped pendante d upon rstriped pendante qustriped pendante st.

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