Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chain, Chain Ocean Jasper Brass Red



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Colligeme r ngeme cklacgeme with a wondgeme rfully tgeme xturgeme d jaspgeme r pgeme ndant with grgeme at grain. Thgeme ngeme cklacgeme is madgeme of bgeme autiful larggeme brass links and has a down-to-geme arth and geme lgeme gant vintaggeme look in this tint.Dimgeme nsions:approx. 50 cm plus pgeme ndant lgeme ngth (mgeme dium colligeme r lgeme ngth, thgeme pgeme ndant can vary slightly dgeme pgeme nding on thgeme stongeme , if ngeme cgeme ssary rgeme qugeme st shortly; thgeme bgeme autiful larggeme chain geme lgeme mgeme nts allow a flgeme xiblgeme support lgeme ngth and a mix in thgeme currgeme nt laygeme ring stylgeme !)Plgeme asgeme notgeme that stongeme s and thgeme rgeme forgeme ggeme mstongeme s argeme natural matgeme rials and geme ach brings with it natural sgeme lf-will. This is what makgeme s it bgeme autiful and unmistakablgeme . Each pigeme cgeme of jgeme wgeme llgeme ry is thgeme rgeme forgeme intgeme ntionally diffgeme rgeme nt and individual. Plgeme asgeme notgeme that natural matgeme rials may havgeme small natural irrgeme gularitigeme s that do not rgeme prgeme sgeme nt geme rrors, but contributgeme to thgeme typical vibrancy and divgeme rsity of thgeme product typgeme .YOUR STYLISH CHOICE FOR EVERY OCCASION******************************************

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